I keep looking at so many drawings over here so I tought I'd post mine up too hehe
Here are some of the few drawings I've made ^^ I only started drawing with a graphic tablet for less than a year so my coloring and lines aren't perfect ^^'


this was for a contest on deviantart ^^ "You and your Pokémon team" I first drew it on a paper and then scanned it and colored it :P it's about a year old.

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I did this one last year too, while I was in Philosophy class (My teacher didn't cared what we'd do while in his class and I listened better to what he was saying when I was drawing) So yeah it was just a little doodle I did in my book and then I decided to color it xD
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This one was last year too, I was at school waiting for my friend to finish his class cause we went together with one car so yeah, it took me about an hour, I didn't put much time and rael effort into it xD I was inspired by a contest where we had to draw a fruit girl :P
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This one is a year old too, I was tring to draw in a different style and wanted to draw Sebastian from Black Butler as a female and then I added him too.
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Our fellow rainbow dash hehe ^^ she's so cute I had to draw her. Only in this chibi humain form Took me about 30 minutes to sketch and coloring 2 hours maybe.
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This was for another contest on deviantart ^^ I had to draw this girl's originial character and... Thats about it XD
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I just felt like drawing the new pokémon trainer. xD
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this was super long to do, it took me alot of hours to do. It's a for a special friend of mine. We both love Scott Pilgrim VS the world Movie and Pokémon So I decided I'd mix both! Yeah I'm pretty proud of this one.
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Princess Daisy! ^^ I did this one this week actually, I was bored again xD and felt like draing and yup thats the result ^^
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I have a lot more drawings but I tought I'd share theses one with you guys ^^ what do you think? :P