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Thread: Need help to find a new anime series. (Like Naruto and Dragonball).

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    Default Need help to find a new anime series. (Like Naruto and Dragonball).

    I know there is a lot of these requests around, but i don't really like the shows that people recommend from these threads, so i'll try to make my own.

    So i am in search of a new anime that is kinda like Naruto and Dragonball.

    To get a better image of what i like, i'll tell you what i like about these two shows.

    I was hook'd from the first episode.
    The story is great, i like that it's a big world where all the other countries matter.
    There are a lot of people involved around the main plot of the serie and it is not just one to three people doing everything.
    Everyone is involved in the ninja world.
    The martial art fighting.
    The way they have to outsmart their opponent in order to win (Shikamaru is a specialist).
    The funny moments.
    They have some sort of supernatural power that makes them stronger.
    I like the training episodes where naruto gets stronger (especially the one where he invents the Rasen shuriken and sage mode) and then impresses everyone with it.
    I even like the few sad moments in the show.

    Well i grew up with Dragonball (db dbz and dbgt) and i just enjoy it.
    Big world and a lot of characters.
    The martial art fighting.
    They have to find their opponents weakness, or simply outpower them because of their emotions (like goku going SSJ vs. freeza because of krillins death, Gohan going ssj2 vs. cell because of android 16's death etc.)
    Their supernatural powers are even more epic than in naruto.
    I like the episodes where they power up and impresses everyone with how strong they really are (Gohan fighting Cell, Goku reaching ssj3 etc.)
    The funny moments.

    Well that is a few things i like about naruto and dragonball.

    I just tried watching Bleach, but that show was just boring from the first episode. His supernatural power is that he can see ghosts? His character lacks something, he is just a tall skinny guy with a big sword.

    I tried looking up some fight scene on One Piece and was not really impressed, but i havn't tried watching it yet since i am watching naruto over again (because its so frelling nice).

    Death Note doesn't sound like something i would like. It seems too dark and lame.

    Well this is what i had to say, and i hope that someone that feels the same way that i does, will come with a good anime that i can start watching.

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