BOOM! Nah, it's just TheGuyWalking but you can all me TheGuy or TGW. I don't really care as long as I know it's me whom your talking to haha.

I guess I should give a little info about me.
As you can tell this is not the first time I have been on a forum. I have been on several others but none seem to have exactly what i'm looking for... just missing like... I'm not really sure how to put it into words.
I'm into Gaming and Anime just like any other 17 year old male. I have been told I have a wild imagination and that can sometimes get me into trouble. I really like to talk (as i'm sure you can tell) and yeah. I'm not sure what else to add.

Anyways, hope this forum sticks with me unlike the others. For now, I guess I will check out the places to post and see what sparks an interest.

Other than that I have nothing more to say but: