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Thread: This is why I Love Hatake Kakashi

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    Default This is why I Love Hatake Kakashi

    After reading chapter 596, I figured that I loved this man, Kakashi Hatake even more than ever. He is usually the one on the team to realize hings first and quickly come up with a battle plan. They don't call him a genius for nothing.
    Kakashi thought Tobi was using two jutsus. But Kakashi said he was only using one.
    I believe that Kakashi was only using Kamui halfway. Meaning that he would teleport the attack or object half or more than half away. So it would look like it disappeared, but in actuality it wouldn't. So in short, the attack wasn't fully kamui'd. By doing this, it would trick Tobi into thinking that Kakashi did kamui something completely and would cause him to think Kakashi used two jutsus, one that would send an object into another dimension, and one that would teleport something to this dimension.
    But now I'm thinking, Kakashi has used kamui a lot, well not really, but it has put a strain on him. So he is pretty worn out now. And since Kakashi figured a way to beat him, he is not likely Tobi's #1 target now....

    I'm still literally shaking from all the excitement from this chapter. Also, I'm shaking in fear because of Kakahi's situation now. Hopefully the battle won't drag out too long.

    This is why I love this man, Hatake Kakashi dearly. I strive to be someone like him. I want to be able to come up with plans quickly and be able to help and save my friends when the time comes.
    No matter what he does, I will always back him up!!
    I love you, Hatake Kakashi~!

    So I was rethinking about Kakashi's Kamui and the whole dimension stuff in class(helped me to stay warm cuz it was freezing). And Frostbyte had a really good explanation going on. The two dimensions are connected therefore whatever Kakashi sends away with Kamui will be able to hit Tobi if that attack was targeting him.

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