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Thread: Release My Soul - Aimee Blackschleger

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    Default Release My Soul - Aimee Blackschleger
    Song on Youtube:!

    Oh take a look in the mirror, you look so sad*
    It's so cold like that winter market we used to go
    I don't cry anymore but I feel so hurt

    So I don't need you too close to me*
    You don't hear me, so you said*
    I don't know why things have changed since yesterday

    This could be love again
    All I need is you
    Come back, I'm waiting anytime the heavy rains come*
    Still I miss (the) days with you
    I can't look into your face
    Oh feeling blue and looking back again
    Please come back to me
    * ** *** Repeat

    To stay with you always
    You're the world to me
    And dreaming on*
    So you can take my sword for you*
    Oh How do you feel so fine*
    You're the world to me*
    And dream on*
    You stole my heart so long ago
    Oh I release my soul
    So you feel my song

    There was a lot of errors in the transliteration in my opinion, so I'll put an asterisk on any change that was made, be it a comma correction or a line rearrangement.

    I rearranged the lines, removed and added some commas, and changed some capitalization for a more correct grammar sense.

    Please feel free to share me your thoughts.
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