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>> Indeed... I was very lucky to witness Kabuto's Edo Tensei.. hehehehe *evilgrin.. For he brought so many of my favorite characters.. Including mah Itachi though it wasn't long enough. But I thanked Kishimoto-san for that... Unluckily well I guess also a good thing that Jiraiya died and sinked down in the ocean. Anyways.. hehehe I was so happy to see him in corpse.. though sad for Edo tensei ends up already...( Much better than seeing the shinobi world goes destroyed...
Lol, yeah I think
Naruto learning Sennin-mode and then fighting Pain, Kabuto's Edo Tensei and now Naruto learning to controle Kyubi's chakra and fighting Tobi were definetely the best moments on the series so far, so I've got a lot to thank Kishimoto-sama for Itachi was my favourite he ressurected, but was also interesting to watch the previous Raikage and Kazekage, so as the 2 demon brothers.
Right, I also prefer that Jirayia wasn't brought back by Edo Tensei, love him but he died as an hero and that's the best.


Could you please tell which episode/manga chapter this takes place? 'Cause I remember vaguely of it and would like to re-check, thanks!
When Gai and Lee are talking about Lee's operation and Gai says something like "If you die during the operation... I'll die with you!"