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Thread: Need help naming an anime series

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    Default Need help naming an anime series

    hi i really need help naming this anime that i watched years ago. i completely forgot as i was around 10 or 11 at the time. i hope you guys can help me if i describe some aspects of the anime that i remember.

    a spaceship is travelling through space which contain mechs that members on the ship use for combat. the logo of the spaceship is some kind of a red spiral?

    main character is if i remember correctly, a cooking chief in training on the spaceship, he has medium length hair and later on he discovers his natural talent for fighting in the mech suits. the mech suits are powered on by using the palm of their hands onto a round control panel which connects the individual to the suit. he was born on mars and some sort of trajedy occured to his family. the spaceship captain is a blue haired lady whom apparently used to be childhood friends with the protaganist. i also remember a lolita like character who is perhaps second in command of the ship. she is petite and almost never shows emotions as if like a robot. also from what i watched up to, there was a love triangle between the captain the lolita chick and someone else.

    i hope anyone knowledgable is able to help me name this anime series. i think it was the first anime i have ever watched and it would be great to watch it again after all these years. thanks in advance!
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