i notice that in society today there are some people who lives alone and they are more common than people with GF and BF especially for man. im just curious about the situation about these people. and here the following of my theories the reasons:

1. it is common that the ugly ones are being repelled and rejected most people are attracted to the beauty ones. if you ask me it is natural for people to dislike ugly people were created were we attracted to beauty and reject ugly ones. people cannot be evil in his point and i have a theory were ugly people weren't supposed to exist and they weren't supposed to be ugly but the moment they bully ugly people then that's the moment that they are evil.

2. people who have bad past and trauma are having a hard time to be happy and find someone to love especially if they have bad past were they were bullied , rejected, and the worst is this becomes repeated until they grown and the memories of this experience sink deeply to their mind that it cannot be undo it becomes a fixed idea that they are hopeless and reject sometimes it hard for them to convinced not they are not hopeless and not a reject there's even a study that if someone become kind to these people they will commit suicide immediately!

3. "keep trying but still no luck"i belong here. most people now a days will only accept beautiful people as their GF and BF and since beautiful people are few then lonely people become common this is the most case of most men

4. behavior. this is also similar to first reason bad behavior is also repelled the other case are ladies are picky on attitude for men so even a kind one cannot have 100% certain to win ladies heart. the good example is dating, during dating there are mans who wants that they will decide were to date some men wants the woman to decide were to date and I'm one of them. and the sad thing is some woman hate when the man decide were to date and some hates when woman decide were to date.

5.reject love. some people themselves decide to be lonely for some reason because this will make them strong and serious. if they love the will become vulnerable to pain which i believe to be natural part of the love life and this is what these people avoid. in my opinion people who reject love are the most pathetic. in fact there are things that rejecting love will give that accepting love will not. reject love will make people stronger and also make them immune and less to feel pain. accepting love will make pain very painful.

6.culture,law, parents sometime they prevent people to have make love becomes of some morality and tradition

these are the followings i think why love life are fewer. feel free to comment and i will be happy to know your opinion! i never claim to right I'm just sharing my theory and the point of this is to play words!