I've noticed some incorrect/left out words from the Flyin to Your Heart -English Version- lyrics by Seena so I've correct them below. However I'm still unsure of the what the last sentence of the lyric is mean't to say but I'm positive it's not "The high as meeting you again".

Original Lyrics: http://www.animelyrics.com/game/gita...yinenglish.htm

Corrected Lyrics:

(And my heart is beating...)
(Out the window...)

You have to stop this feeling deeply steady
And I really think I need some time to think of you
The sun is setting and all day; I'm looking for the sunny day
When nice to see the truth in you

Darkness in the sky - and my heart is beating
Close my eyes - the feeling's getting closer closer
Flyin' to your heart - Like a wind into the sea
Me getting next to you... in light I'll never do

Deeply hurt my feelings, but I cannot help emotions
And the pain deep inside my dreams
The messenger of sentimental memory
So simply irresistible - I am goin' your soul

Nowhere, no place - and the time is passing
Endless time - the moment of a coming closer
Dreamin' my heart - keep me quickly said and done
Cast the time away... and run in your way

(And my heart is beating...)
(Out the window...)

Inside of you
Dying from a sky is blue
I want to search for truth
Hold me close and tight all the time
Told me twist of view
Keeping edge it feels all of you
The voice of passion lies
My voice is singing high
The voice of your emotion on high
The high as meeting you again(?)