Between right and wrong
A sliver of ambiguity- whence,
Child-eyes question the world
The extent of it's ambivalence

It sits there unannounced
In its formal attire,
Outdated and outcast
Without desire or ire

Allowing all to see it's form
Which comes and goes with the days,
With the time and with the reasons
And for all the pain which pays

A sudden ransom of a fee,
Purchased from the peddler of lies,
Songs of novelties so succulent
Scream their passions as they fly

From one hand to another
As if they were just stock,
A lost cause by hand and mouth
A wondrous sort of shiny rock

Which glitters with our sultry-
No, we can't deny it's divide,
As if we stand as poultry
Awaiting the axe of demise

No amount of coin can recompense
The treason we all try,
As our eyes become blinded by;
The pleasure it can pry-

Off the wall which represents something
Though our eyes have chose to see nothing,
Right or wrong, fair or unfair
Poem or song, common or rare

Once more we find that simple border
Made of three sections rather than two
Between right and wrong, in worldly disorder
The gray has been there; old or new.