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Thread: AMVs and AMV Rock

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    Default AMVs and AMV Rock

    So I've decided to dedicate my first post to something I never even said, "why are AMVs the way they are?"....

    What the hell is with these things, anime music videos? I just discovered them the other month when I was looking up stuff and thought "Ok, this is kinda cool. They spent a bit of time with this. Yeah, the music sucks, but it's not half bad. They made it look epic."

    5 hours later... I *still* didn't find what I was looking for since everything was an AMV, but I was more interested in how they were made. The one trend I noticed is that every single AMV I watched had a soundtrack that consisted of
    1- Emo punk
    2- Post-grunge
    3- Nu-metal
    4- Pop punk
    5- Linkin Park
    6- Linkin Park
    7- Linkin Park
    8- Three Days Grace
    9- Linkin Park
    10- Evanescence
    11- Linkin Park
    12- Metalcore
    13- Linkin Park

    Did I forget to mention that they like using Linkin Park?

    And even then, it's only songs that have this "wangst introspective" edge to them. Why are these the only kind of songs they use and what's the point of AMVs anyway?
    This comes from the Encyclopędia Metallum forums.

    This one is my own...

    If there's one thing that Nu-Metal was good for, it's AMVs. You can't find a single goddamn AMV that doesn't have either a...
    Pop Punk
    "Hardcore" Glam Rap
    Mallcore as its soundtrack. I don't get the whole "introspective" edge to AMV music. Most of the lyrics are "I'm so schizophrenic, I've lost all my battles, and I'm a mindless animal" while most of the anime the goes under it features the heroes fighting and often winning, or the villains making their move only to get smacked down to the ground by the heroes. It's an uplifting video set to downer music (maybe not as downer as, say, Funeral Doom Metal, but downer nonetheless)
    Like, what the hell? I don't exactly know when mental instability, abusing women, and losing your mind became synonymous with victory, overcoming doubt, and powerful friendship, but... whatever.
    For the most part, I've taken notice that what he says it right (although he missed out a few genres, such as- as seen here, J-Rock). Most big-name AMVs seem to rely on the same pool of genres, bands, and songs. I've been trying to find out why.
    Not all AMVs have bad music. I found several with punk songs who had pretty fitting lyrics. It was better experience than, say, seeing Ichigo vs Aizen with "I tried so hard and got so far, and in the end, it doesn't even matter".

    On that topic, why is Three Days Grace's brand of alt-rock/post-grunge "fitting for AMVs" but the likes of, say, AC/DC, you're not going to find one (even though I felt that a lot of AC/DC songs could go well with AMVs)? Is there something about breakdowns that compels people to make AMVs with them?
    I guess it's not the music necessarily, but the lyrical content that I always felt a rift.

    Just like the Metallum guy, why is it that 'introspective wangst' rock (and rap) seems to be the only to go with AMVs? (You don't even seen indie rock, grunge, britpop, '80s college rock, or early alt metal on any of them, so "it's because it's Alternative" isn't really a good response. And boo-hoo for old-school rock.)

    *I already received a hypothesis, and it's not sardonic for once.
    "It's because the viewers of the anime are fans of modern rock, rap, and electronica. If it were classic rock, retro rap, and early dubstep, then that's what would be on the videos instead.*
    Though the concept of hearing The Beatles or The Doobie Brothers or Run DMC on an AMV is so foreign to me now...
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