There once was a place,
In which dreams did appear,
And mystery developed,
And love persevered,

A garden of light,
A maze for the found,
I stepped inside the gate,
And heard the fine sounds,

A violin in the summer,
Birds talking in the breeze,
A stream running onward,
The descent of graceful bees,

I didn't want to leave here,
My reality at home was pain,
This place was my safe haven,
A world that kept me sane,

Though eventually with time,
I was indeed dragged out,
Through the gate by my legs,
It was goodbye with no doubt,

I cried and I cried,
Tears of the saddest demise,
But my pleas were ignored,
And my mind was revised,

I forgot of the garden,
Were my happiness once was,
And I lived on in life,
Not thinking once of,

That place full of magic,
Which was guarded by a gate,
That lead into realms of deep euphoria,
And calmness in state,

I grew in age and wisdom,
Become infatuated with my life,
I than became married,
And loved my dear wife,

We lived in the home,
That I had once lived before,
The place as a child,
That I used to explore,

It was once on a day,
That my wife was but out,
So I decided to linger,
Not knowing about,

The secret place that existed,
Right in front of my eyes,
Though now I could not see,
What I had as a child,