SPOILERS if you haven read chapters 458-479. Anime-wise events of episodes 360-366

1. Ginjou vs Grimmjow
These 2 character kind of seemed like rivals to Ichigo, or maybe parrallels, if you will. As a Ginjou fan, I always felt he was cheated when he got killed. He didn't seem like a pure evil character deservig of death, like Grimjow, Szayel, Mayuri, Barragan, Ulquiorra, ect.
Now, most, and I mean, MOST, people always bring up how Ginjou deserved to die for everything he did to Ichigo's friends, and that's why Ichigo killed him. For his friends. But, I find that flawed. What did he really do, aside from cutting Ishida? Ichigo;s friends were all healthy and happy, their memories were just jumbled. It's no different than amnesia, or Rukia using that memory replacement on Tatsuki, orihime, and Ichigo's sisters.

Grimmjow did much MUCH more to Ichigo, and his friends, than Ginjou did, or intended to.

*Punching a hole in Rukia
*Preparing to blow Rukia's head off with a cero.
*Taunting Ichigo saying he'd done something to Orihime
*Attempting to strangle Orihime in front of him
* Firing a grand cero at Orihime and Nel
*Firing his darts at them
* And outright hating Ichigo, and wanting him dead
And even after everything Grimmjow did, he noted Ichigo still wasn't out to kill him
Yet Ichigo still spared this guy, and said he be his sparring buddy whenever, leaving him free to terrorize and come after his friends again if he wanted.
Then, he saved his life.
Unlike Grimmjow, Ginjou wasn't out for Ichigo's blood.
He then was going to leave and said he wouldn't even see Ichigo again.
showing he wasn't going to continue "hurting" Orihme, Ishida, Chad, ect. He'd leave and be out of Ichigo's life.
Ichigo's "loved" ones weren't in harm from simple memory gambit. Tsuki only tries to break them once they have served their purpose, and aren't needed.
Ginjou told him to stop, and looked uneasy, and displeased, when they started to buckle.

My questions on this,
*Why spare someone like Grimmjow, who's shown to be a complete psycho, but kill Ginjou?
*And, looking at the 2 characters, who was the more evil one, deserving of death? Obviously, I am thinking Grimmjow on this.

Kubo, the author, stated Grimmjow may be back, as an ally.
So, I felt ticked on that, as if anyone deserved to die, he shouldn't be exempt from the list.

2. Ginjou's Death & Ichigo
He goes to the Soul Society to retrieve Ginjou's body. Does anyone else think he was doing it for himself, more than Ginjou?

I have heard of paying respect to the dead. But, why do it for someone you murdered and didn't care anything about to begin with?
Once Ginjou revealed he was an enemy, and Ichigo got his power back, he made clear he wanted to murder Ginjou, and that he was ticked-off. Ginjou tried to talk to him, and Ichigo tells him to shut up, meaning he doesn't care about what Ginjou has sad, or may say. He's going to kill him regardless.

So, I believe the burial was more for himself and his own conscience than anything for Ginjou.
So, I wondered, why it's seen as something so big and wonderful by fanon?
The body is just a vessel. No different than a gigai. The spirit is what's important, or should be.
And Ichigo destroyed that
He ought to care more about Ginjou's being than a vacated shell. But, he doesn't seem to. He hasn't thought about it since.

Also, how did Ichigo save Ginjou, as Riruka said? I think Kubo was just trying to make Ichigo seem innocent about his first kill. I mean, how do you save someone by killing them? Seems like the total oposite.

I don't think Ichigo really did Ginjou any favors, and I don't think he was trying to either.
Some say it was sympath/empathy. But, i'd think if he empathized that much, he wouldn't have killed him.

Makes Ichigo seem "two-faced?" If he hated the guy ok. Don't try and act all noble after you've gotten your revenge. It's clear you hated, and/or, had no empathy, for the one you were after.