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Thread: Books/Authors You Refuse to Read

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    Default Re: Books/Authors You Refuse to Read

    Quote Originally Posted by Luka Megurine View Post
    Absolutely anything by Stephenie Meyer. I'm sorry Twi-hards but I cannot stand her writing. I love descriptive passages in novels but I'm pretty sure it doesn't take 5 pages to explain how a guy wasn't there for a couple of days. I'm not going to even bother reading The Host, that's how much I can't stand the writing.
    Actually, it was 3/4 of the book to describe the six months Edward was away. xD
    That is, if you're talking about New Moon. Unless you're speaking of some other point. That is highly possible.

    Seriously, though, let us talk about Twilight. Obviously most of the people here either refuse to read Twilight or really hated it when they did read it.
    I read twilight and new moon as I haven't yet found an interest in finishing it. The writing is mediocre but not the worst thing to ever exist. I think it's the hype it got that was undeserved and that attracted the anti-twilight people. I really don't see why people put it on lists like that. It's not really worth reading, but in the same regard, it's not worth putting on a list of things you will never read, either. The first half of twilight was boring and had basically nothing interesting. New Moon just sucked. She was depressed for months on end over a guy she didn't even know. Let's be serious, here. That was ridiculous. But of course, her character to begin with was nothing special and pointless without Edward around. She was never able to do anything and was quite boring if you listened to anything she said when she was around people. Hardly ever answering to people and running away from people when they tried to be friends with her. I had no idea why so many guys would suddenly be madly in love with such a boring girl when all she did was sit around doing nothing but mope and hate on people. She said herself that she wasn't very nice to look at, which is hard to imagine in full considering there was never much detail given to her character.
    All twilight was was another princess story about a weak girl who can't survive without her "dark prince." Seriously, it was a wash and not worth it but not worth the hate, either. There are so many worse stories out there. Sure, most of the characters were underdeveloped and let's face it, there were waay too many of them, but it wasn't that bad.
    And honestly, the movies didn't help it at all. Before the movies, I actually really liked Edward's character. He was an amazingly sarcastic bastard and I loved that. His casting was just horrible, we all agree, but overall he could have had a lot of potential. Had it not been for the sparkling being in the sun. He could read people's minds which was pretty awesome as well. Of course, he was still a weak character depicted in so many different stories it's impossible to count, but if people didn't like the character it wouldn't be in so many stories, right?

    Basically, that's all twilight is. A boring, over-hyped series that should have gone to the back of the shelf in a library no one goes to. Yet it somehow attracted millions of people to love and despise it more than their mother's tuna casserole.
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