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Thread: Wolf XXIV: Super Mario Bros. [Game Thread]

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    Default Wolf XXIV: Super Mario Bros. [Game Thread]

    Welcome to Wolf XXIV: Super Mario Bros. Edition.


    • The day phase is when every player is encouraged to discuss about the proceedings of the game and decide who to lynch.
    • Voting for lynching is open for every player. Follow this format: [Vote Lynch XXXX] and [Change Vote Lynch XXXX] when changing votes and the Mafia Deities will bless you.
    • If a player fails to vote but has posted once during the day phase, that will count as an automatic self-vote. VOTING NO LYNCH IS NOT ALLOWED.
    • If a player fails to vote in two (2) CONSECUTIVE day phases, they will be modkilled. If a player fails to post at least twice during the day phases, they will be modblocked. If a player fails to vote, but posts twice, they will automatically vote for themselves.
    • A PM will be sent to every living player informing them of the start of every night phase.
    • Day phases approximately last 24 hours.
    • Day actions are on a first sent first performed basis, unlike night phase actions which are all performed at the end of the phase.

    • There shall be NO POSTING DURING THE NIGHT PHASE. People who do so will either be modblocked or modkilled, depending on the circumstances.
    • A PM will be sent to every living player informing them of the start of every day phase.
    • Each night phase lasts approximately 24 hours unless I explicitly state that I shall extend it due to moderator-excusable reasons.
    • I will not wait for any night actions not sent in. 24 hours is 24 hours.
    • Every night action that is not roleblocked will still be performed even if the players of those actions are being killed. For example, if player A's day action is to kill player B and player C happens to target player A for a kill/roleblock/protection/etc., the player A will still kill/roleblock/protect/etc. player B but will die by the hands of player C.

    • Leave the game discussion in this thread UNLESS YOU ARE MAFIA CONSPIRING WITH EACH OTHER DURING THE NIGHT PHASE OR MASONS WITH SOMEONE in which case you may use any form of communication lines you see fit. The QT links I provided are heavily recommended, though.
    • DO NOT POST ONCE YOU ARE DEAD. Do not provide hints or comments that will intentionally or otherwise influence the living player's choices for lynch and/or actions.
    • PLEASE BE AS ACTIVE AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Remember that consecutively not voting in the day phase earns you a modkill. However, if you have a legitimate reason to be inactive, inform me ahead of time of the reason for anticipated inactivity and how long the perceived duration of such will be. You must post twice in the game thread in order to avoid being mod blocked. You must vote once or else it'll be counted as a self-vote.
    • Editing is allowed, however keep it for minimal stuff such as typos. If you are going to add a sentence or a quote, make a whole different post.
    • Also, pay attention to your role descriptions as some actions can be used only at night and only at day, some actions can be used at either night or day, and some actions can be used every night and day.
    • If a kill fails, the target will be labeled as [???] and it will be simply stated that the attack failed.
    • Any questions, PM me.

    • This game has two major features: Coins and Items.
    • Coins are used by town players to purchase items from the Toad House (explained below). Each townie and independent starts the game with 10 coins, and more coins can be earned either by lynching, hitting “?” blocks (explained below), or stealing from other players.
    • The Toad House is an item shop run by Toadsworth each day phase. Townies and indepenents can use their coins to purchase items from here, but only the first 3 players to PM the mod. Items available (with prices) include:
      • Metal Box (10 Coins): Makes player bulletproof for one phase.
      • Poison Mushroom (15 Coins): Poisons a target player, who will succumb to the poisoning at the end of the next cycle.
      • Freezie (15 Coins): Encases a target player in a block of ice, silencing him/her until the end of the phase it's used.

      • Spiny Shell (20 Coins): Kills the player with the highest amount of votes at the time it's thrown. Penetrates protection, bulletproof status and nexus status, but not Hearts or Stars.
      • Heart (20 Coins): Absorbs any items targetting the user, allowing him/her to use them for him/herself.
      • Star (20 Coins): Makes player completely invincible for one phase, including lynch.
    • Over the course of each day phase, 2 “?” Blocks will appear. “?” Blocks contain either items or 10 coins. When one appears, the first player to PM the moderator for it will earn what’s inside.
    • When a player is killed by another, his/her coins (should they have any) will be taken by that player for his/her use. This excludes the Mafia.
    • The Kong Masons and Wario & Waluigi share items and coins with each other. For example with coins, if Donkey Kong doesn’t have enough to buy a certain item, Diddy Kong can throw in extra to help buy it.
    • Since the Toad House is only open to town/independent members and it would make coins pointless for the mafia to have, what will happen is the following: should a mafia member earn a ? Block and that block not give them an item, the block will not yield anything. If the mafia member earns an item, that item can be shared with his/her mafia for use at any point (according to when the item can be used, at least). The advantage of this is that even if the mafia doesn't earn an item, they will have at least prevented town from gaining an advantage.

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