I am dying to remember this Japanese anime movie I watched when I was around ten, it was an older made one (late 70's to mid 80s perhaps) here it goes to details I can remember....

It is centrally about a ventriloquist dummy that is magical, it exists on its own, its really evil and it created some sort of elaborate energy prison against the world and it scaled high into the sky or it exist in a cloudy plain of dreams. (Yeah it sounds crazy so far, but this is all I remember in clarity.)

There was also some girl who the dummy was tormenting or capturing, but eventually the girl defeated the evil dummy by convincing him he was lovable or something... but as she was doing this in the energy sky prison he would get all deformed and pained when she would say the simplest kindness to him.

He also hovered without apparent legs and he was a real live ventriloquist dummy who grew evil because he was neglected as a dummy by his owner or something.

Okay thank you for your time and I would appreciate any help you can provide.