When you saw the title you get Negative thinking about Bleach right? xD
Unfortunately your thinking is wrong .. why wrong? .. cuz Scenes Of Bloody !
There is censorship to bleach anime because the scenes of blody

but there no censorship about Manga bleach

At first let's go to Espada ... after Grimmjow killing menoly mallia then going to
loly aivirrne

He shout in her face

But in manga he cutting her legs

Ulquiorra hurt arm of Ishida

Bur in manga he cutting it

When Ishida face szayelaporro Ishida threw a arrow to Belly szayelaporro

But in manga arrowhit the neck

And when szayelaporro was Severely injured .. he eating some Frashion (Lomena) after his conversion to the ball

But in manga he eating him directly

When assistants Tier Harribel summoned Ion monster
Integration of their hands

But in manga their cutting their hand's!

When Ion attack Matsumoto shading the scene

But in manga

Fianly when Ichigo attack tsukishima he Injured his hand

But in manga he cutting it

This is not everything there's still a lot of bloody scenes