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Thread: What's the difference between 君 and きみ/キミ ?

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    Default What's the difference between 君 and きみ/キミ ?

    Hi everybody,

    as the title already says, I'm wondering sometimes words are written in kanji and sometimes in kana. I'm often confronted with this situation in japanese games (visual-novels,etc.).

    Now my question is, where is the difference between e.g. 君 and きみ/キミ ?
    Is it more formal when it's written in kanji?

    Same goes for names, while some call (written) the other person by the "kanji", the other call (written) the person by "katakana"

    I hope somebody can give me the answer...
    Last edited by Tyraxx; 04-05-2012 at 06:49 AM.
    Guys, yes it is "ha" (は), but in this case it is pronounced "wa" (は). Though it's written the same it's pronounce different.
    So don't just write "ha" in the romaji.
    "Anata ha..."?, don't screw with me, what are you guys doing, using an "direct kana to romaji convertor"?
    Man, this always makes me so furious.

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