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Thread: Looking for HQ Diebuster OST

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    Default Looking for HQ Diebuster OST

    Note: Diebuster also known as "Gunbuster 2" and "Top wo Nerae 2".

    Hi, first I'd like to state that I'm pretty certain that distributing the Diebuster OST isn't illegal. I have looked very very hard and nobody is selling it - it doesn't seem to exist on the iTunes store or anywhere else for that matter. So this is a measure of last resort on my part.

    I already have a low quality version of the OST, but I found numerous dead torrents for a high quality .flac version (lossless). Does anybody have a HQ copy or know where one might exist? I am literally at my wits end trying to find this awesome music.

    Note that the 520Mb .flac torrents are all dead as far as I can tell. The best one reached 57% before stopping, with no fully completed files.

    I need this music! Please help!
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