What relatively unique features (looks, way of movement, way of talking, habit, etc.) that people around point out to you that seems to be an irremovable part of yourself? It's this part of you that those people basically know about.

Of course, I'll begin with the classic spoiler tags~
Years ago, I was often called "emo" just because I was sitting alone along the corridor, either to listen to music or to study; I think it's pretty immature and irritating for me. A friend of me used to call me the Skeleton King too.

I also used to do air drumming a lot wherever I go. I'm addicted in tapping my desk with my fingers, and just recently my professor pointed that out. When inside a public train, I also air drum like crazy while listening to music, not caring if I hit someone.

At home (also school), everyone thinks that I'm obsessed in studies; when I'm busy, I don't watch anime with my siblings, or go outside to watch movie. But the truth is, I usually spend almost half of my time in randomly browsing the net (AF, manga, facebook). I'm actually LAZY at studying.