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Thread: A new Gai Rei Zero: Revival

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    Default New Anime Season: Gai Rei Zero Revival

    I wonder if there could be a new series which takes place after the original series. The main character of this series is Yuske Yamada, a 17-year old high school student who early on had developed like an older brother bond with Jin Takumi. At one later point, Yuske made a promise to protect his 14-year old sister Yuko Yamada. At one point in the series, the kid surrouned with blue butterflies, manipulates both Jin and a friend of his: Hayate Kohaku. The two began terrorizing the city, killing innocent people. Yuko has also gone missing, kidnapped by Jin, and eventually Yuske feared the worst for her.

    Eventually, Yuske and Jin engage in a climactic showdown, a friendship in flames. Yuske hadn't found Yuko in the spot where he thought she would be. After the battle ended in an explosion, a dazed Yuske recovers and takes out his spike and begins to hunt down Jin. When he finds him, he strikes and Jin disarms him and slams his head to the rusted car, stunning Yuske. Jin then takes out his knife and stabs Yuske in the chest and Yuske screams in agony before passing out briefly. When he opens his eyes, he see Jin loading two bullets in his gun and taling to him. When Yuske says "Big Brother" Jin, with anger on his face, quietly replies "I know you understand." Yuko, appearing out of nowhere, tackles Jin, causing the shot to miss and both get into a fight. Yuko kicks the gun off of Jin's hand and Yuske crawls toward it. Just before he could grab it, Jin kicks it away and stomps Yuske. Jin and Yuko continue to fight, with Jin slowly gaining the upper hand. Desparate to save his sister and realizing that Jin can't be redeemed, Yuske grasps the knife and begins to pull. As the fight goes on, Yuske pulls with all his strength, even using both hands, and manages to pull the knife out of his chest. Looking at the fighting where Jin has overpowered Yuko, Yuske then flashes back to the good times he had with Jin and then says, "Jin... I'm sorry." He then throws it at Jin. Jin, having heard the apology looks up at him as he is about to smash Yuko's face on the hard ground. The knife pierces Jin's forehead, destroying the jewel embeded in him and killing him in the process. Yuko 's face lands softly on the ground as Jin's grip was released. Soon, it begins to rain and Yuske, fearing he is too late and was forced to take Jin's life, begins to cry. Hayate was watching, seeing Jin's death and he realized the error in his ways. He then makes a call to emergency and drops the phone to Yuko. Soon, emergency crews arrive and recover Yuske, Yuko, and Jin, determining that Jin is deceased. At the hospital, Yuske finds Yuko next to her, still alive and well despite the beating she took.

    In the final episode, "Nothing But Vengeance", (takes place a week after the previous) Hayate, having lost his purpose, returns to that kid, who is watching over the school gathering through glass ceiling and turns on him and attacks. As they battle, Hayate berates him of his manipulative nature and how what he's done resulted in the death of Jin. The people below, including Yuske and Yuko watch the struggle. Eventually, Hayate grabs a cable and wraps it around the kid's neck; his face shows fear. Hayate then smashes the kid throught the glass ceiling, the kid dies from hanging and the blue butterflies soon quickly die out. Government troops soon arrive, seeing the kid hanging from the glass ceiling and Hayate, gravely wounded from the fall. Government troops aren't willing to help him, but Yuske wants to aid him. However, Hayate rejects it, knowing that killing that kid was merely the first step in atonement.
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