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Thread: Have A facebook? Please help me win a dress![March 4th 5:00PM-March 7th 10:00PM(EST)]

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    Exclamation Have A facebook? Please help me win a dress![March 4th 5:00PM-March 7th 10:00PM(EST)]

    Hello everyone! My name is Myrissa Bravo and I need your help!

    So, here's the deal. I entered a Prom contest online where you had to rewrite lyrics to your favorite song. The top 7 rewrites chosen by the staff of Rissy Roo's (The Host of the contest) will be put up to be voted on. The most votes by Wednesday wins!

    I was so fortunate to have made it in the top 7 but I need your help and it only takes a little moment of your time and if you have a deviantart refer to the link below to receive a commission with every vote you give me.

    I really want to win this since it's my senior year and I spent all my money this year to make my Anime Expo cosplay a really good one. I love the dress I picked so much so if you could help me it would be great!!!!

    How To Vote
    Go to and like their page! Then go to "vote here" on the left hand side and scroll down til you my name (Myrissa Bravo) and lyrics. Vote for it and then you can unlike the page if you want.

    Thank you for your support and vote!

    voting page:

    When To Vote
    From Rissy Roo's Page:
    "The voting period will start Sunday March 4th at 5pm and end Wednesday March 7th at 10pm (EST). During this time, fans will have the opportunity to VOTE once every 24 hours. The finalist with the most votes will WIN their dream dress from the Mac Duggal Prom Collection. "

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