Hello everyone. I guess i should introduce myself. I am the split personality Livio/Razlo. LivioRazlo is one of my favourite manga characters and comes from the Trigun Manga. I am a university student living in London and studying physics. I have been watching anime since is was about 4. (my Neighbor Totoro) More recently since about 5 or 6 years ago i started readng manga. I am a connaisseur of the more interesting anime and manga out there and really do despise the really cutesy and the overly popular stuff out there such as One Piece, Naruto, haruhi suzumiya, the more recent episodes/chapters of Bleach etc.

In no proper order my favourite anime would be:

Madoka Magica
Steins Gate(this would probably be my most favourite)
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Cowboy Bebop
Level E
Spice and Wolf
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Angel Beats
Mononoke Hime

Favourite manga in a somewhat particular order:
Berserk (This is my number one favourite ever. Ever. EVER!!!)
(Closely followed by the incredible manga) Monster
Sun Ken Rock
Full Metal Panic Sigma
I am a Hero

I am also a pc gamer at heart. I recently spent a rediculous amount of money on pc parts and built an epic pc for gaming. I hate COD and Battlefield. I prefer online fps that are more unique- crysis 2, team fortress 2, Tribes Ascend (this is my go to game atm.) but i also do play Starcraft 2 (not that well though- gold league on US servers). Apart from that it's a game's visual and story quality that interests me. So i like games such as bioshock (less so bioshock 2) Deus ex and Human Revolution, BIG Half life fan boy- grew up on that game.

Ask me stuff! i'm here to make friends!