As the liquid entered Jin's body his muscles began twitching and he was reduced to thrashing about on the floor. His injuries, fatal or not, began to close rapidally and the eye on his forehead opened wide as blood dripped from it. Suddenly his wings turned a bright white then returned to the subtle black. And it was over. Lasconni watched closely through the monitor and turned her attention yo Karn." Can you see now Karn. This drug was manufactores through a single drop of a rare elixir found in only one place within this world. It's properties are far beyond anything imaginable." Clicking a few buttons Lasconni brought up another image, the bridge of the Tempest. "Captain. Retrieve Anja and Akira and return to Heaven." Closing the image Lasconni returned to the task at hand. "Drink it if you want. The side effects are as you saw, thrashing, pain, burning sensation but the results are tremendously amazing." As Jin stood everyone could see his wounds had healed fully, Lasconni smirked before looking at the remaining Angeliks. "Have at it."

Cauis stood by as the threw D-mod accepted. Then showed promise. Unshealthing his sword Cauis slashed three times the floor burst into shards of metal before stack one another and the falling back down, covering the bodies of the legion. The room appeared new with a stain of blood. Cauis sighed heavily before looking up.

"66 what is your power called? Johnny? Soma?"

Soma stepped forward as hia black armor shined. "Chojinki" Soma understood now. Jace's transformation and hia own. This was Diatral Maximum, the artficial awakening crafted by Ariya and Cauis. Tho it wasn't a real acention it could serve them well. Soma looked at Johnny. He was weilding Muramasa, a swors that was said to rival that of the Four Emperor Blade from China, two of which were on this ship. Soma narrowed his eyes at Cauis. The situation in New York must be quite hellish if they exited one battle and entered another. Soma had to fight harder or he would lose Ariya.