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Thread: RPG: Angelik

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    Default Re: RPG: Angelik

    Anja saw the D-Mods coming before they could come close enough to attack her. She switched on her staff, spinning it between her fingers as she ran at the group. She counted about seven. Her adrenaline was burning through her veins, her staff was buzzing at high voltage, her movements were guided by rage; these unfortunate fools.

    The first claw swung at her; she ducked and swept her leg at his ankles, sending him down. Before he could even hit the ground, she thrust one end of her staff into his abdomen, used it as leverage to jump over his sizzling body. The next sequence of blows were executed in a matter of seconds: one swing of her staff connected with a face, while the other end found its way to another's neck once the former fell; a chain wrapped around her wrist of the hand holding the staff and attempted to yank her forward but they didn't pull hard enough; she brought her leg, wrapped the chain around her ankle, stomped down to free it from the other's grasp, saw a female D-Mod coming, kneed her in the stomach, wrapped the chain around her neck, threw her staff like a javelin at the wielder of the chain, wrapped another load of the chain around the female D-Mod's neck as she tried to escape, pulled it tight, and turned her into a weapon as she swung her by chain and neck to knock down two D-Mods coming at her. With them on the ground it gave her the opportunity to swing the woman in circles and gain momentum so that when she left go, and the creature went flying, she could catch the slack in her hand and yang it with a quick hard pull; there was a sickening crack as the female D-Mod's neck snapped as her body was stop short. The other two were on her just as she dropped the chain. One went to punch her and the other transformed into something gruesome with fire spewing from its mouth. She dodged the fist, grabbed his wrist, and pulled him in front of her just as the flame hit. Her temporary shield screamed as he burned to a crisp. She let go as he did so, whipped around and kicked him in the stomach, sending him into the fire-breathing. Her staff was still too far to reach even if she ran for it so she ran for the last D-Mod instead as he pushed the burning corpse off of himself. He looked up in time for her to drop kick him in the face with her combat boots. When she fell, she immediately rolled over, grabbed his head, and twisted its head around 180 degrees. Seven.

    Luxes whom had eaten her food amd left Satans was now blocking the path of a single Angelik. Anja if she remebered correctly. "Lady Ariya doesnt take kindly to unwanted guests. Ive been asked to aee you....dealt with." Her red hair flapped in the wind before she croucthed down low and sprang forward. Her sword make a hissing sound as she unshealthed it and the very wind split as it was aimed to slash Anja right down the middle.

    Barely having broken a sweat, she jogged over to her staff lying beside the steaming body of the D-Mod who had the chain. As she picked it up, she saw a woman with flowing red hair standing in her path. This one was different from the others. Anja prepared herself for an attack. Her face was dead serious. She was not one for banter, especially not today. Besides, if Ariya sent her alone, she must be powerful and one touch of her staff probably won't kill her like it did the others.

    Then came the attack. Anja brought up her staff to block the blade from coming down on her head. The current from the intensity of the clash was strong but, her staff and strength with held. It was a product of that dreadful Jace character. When she stopped to think about it, she felt disgusted with herself that she was using a weapon produced by him, but it served her well so she didn't think about it anymore.

    Anja released one end of the staff as she whirled around to avoid the sharp, deadly blade and swung it with the other hand at the D-Mod’s head. She dodged it of course but it gave Anja the opportunity to flip backwards away from the woman. The moment both feet were on the ground, Anja took a fighting stance. Despite her mood, as she glared at her opponent, she couldn’t help but smirk. Finally, a worthy adversary.

    Kaya had fallen asleep at some point. She didn’t know when. It wasn’t entirely due to the fact that she was bored, but also because she had been kept up all night by her client. The man was not easy to please, which made him one of Kaya’s favorite people to sleep with. He made it interesting, challenging; but alas due to last night’s rendezvous, Kaya was exhausted and it took her sitting down to realize it. She didn’t even wake when the Chinese twins were fighting. No she was used to that. But what woke her, was the entire room was moving. She sat up and stared at the back of Ariya’s head without expression, but in her head she was confused. Where are we going, I wonder…
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