I wonder if there could be this movie in which Ed and Al as well as many other characters get involved in a war between the nations of Tyania and Bakraidia. Tyrania is a peaceful nation with a powerful navy and is led by Lady Matsuri. Bakraidia is a warlike nation that kidnapped a few inventors and developers of the Wyatt family and coerced them to develop flying machines that gives it one of the most powerful air forces of the lands. Bakraidia is led by their so called Sky King Gradius. The Bakraidian soldiers wore orange uniforms and carried assault rifles as standard weapon. However, a few of the family members escaped and have been in hiding during the war, including Jeremy, Lola, and Bryan. They secretly have been developing unique models of planes that are to be superior to the planes owned by the Bakraidians. Early in the movie, the Bakraidians attacked the city Ed and Al were staying, killing several people with their planes before paradropping an assault force. The rest is up to others.