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Thread: Help finding something!

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    Angry Help finding something!

    I've been trying to find a website where I could buy/download the tab for the song "Thanks my dear" by 岡崎倫典 (Rynten Okazaki)。僕は何処にもかしこにも探したけど、何処へも見つけ出さないんだよ!
    I tried searching in English and in Japanese for good measure, but the closest I got was a picture taken of the tab, which is just way too tiny to be readable.
    I don't think it could be found by searching in English, considering that the artist is hardly famous, so I would really appreciate the help of someone resourceful who could look into it in Japanese.
    If you are feeling like helping someone today, or if you want to prove how awesome your Japanese web searching skills are (I'm guessing they're better than mine), そしたら僕は君を当てにする!
    **lol I don't know how that angry face ended up in my thread title.**
    Thanks in advance ;D

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