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But serously, anyone if free to check me out - I have nothing to hide. Trust this member who is interested in politics. ~
Voldemort will be immune to the Seer, so nice try

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Are you trying to make me look bad now animeyay? Shame on you; you should now better and know that you can't hide your evil self behind those pokemon of yours! And why did you post that snake to 'add extra spice to your post'? Isn't Nagini, voldemords pet a snake? How suspicious... how very suspisous...
I already told you I'm just being myself and going with the flow. I'm not even using pokemon pictures to hide; it's simply my tradition~ and who said all snakes are bad, and therefore all people who use snakes are bad? you keep saying I'm sure to make you look bad, but aren't you committing the very same crime I'm accused of doing?

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Right now I don't think so much about this phase at all - expect that Im slightly irritated that everyone goes offline as fast as I go into this thread...
It's okay, I really don't expect to get anything accomplished in this phase with this level of inactivity >.>

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Oh, and I havn't forget about that little "reverse phycologi" that you and ryu have been having... ~
yep, just one more way to make me look scummy. but hey, almost everyone's been following Dark Butterfly's silly theory, so I'll just let this one go now, haha

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That possible little hint of yours a page or so ago is quite vague and fits the description of every mafia member.
yep, because a Mafia would be so eager to expose himself in the first day phase

and is this seriously ALL you have to say so far?