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Thread: Wolf XX: Nightmares and Fairytales Game Thread

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    Default Wolf XX: Nightmares and Fairytales Game Thread

    Welcome players!


    As mentioned in the sign up thread, there wont be voting [per say]. Players will be required to offer the town leader suggestions on who to lynch, with support backing up why they feel that person should be lynched. Ex:
    [Suggest lynch player x]
    In post # xx the player said they were suspicious player zeta, but suddenly changed to player phi

    All players must offer suggestions with evidence or it wont be counted. If failing to do so after two consecutive day phases, the player will be modblocked.

    Day phases will last 24 hours, unless stated otherwise by me

    Actions will be performed in the order they are received in. Should a null action be performed before another, the latter action will be voided

    Posting during night phases is allowed, but only for reactions.

    Role revealing and fake claiming is not allowed. Role hinting is ok. Do not screencap, copy-pasta or share any information about your role to others. Doing so will result in an auto-kill.

    Any further questions about your role should be sent via pm, general questions about the game can be posted in the thread



    Red Riding Hood- Governor. She has say in who is lynched. Should she be lynched [in the event she doesn’t cast her decision, thus resulting in suggestions counting as votes], she will go into rage mode and take a random person who suggested for her lynching down with her.

    Hansel- Sweet Tooth. Hansel keeps a pocket full of candy. He can give away his candy to one person every day phase, protecting that person during the night phase.

    Gretel- Pyro. Gretel can choose to set fire to the forest, thus nulling –all- day actions. This can only be done twice.

    Tom Thumb- Transformer. Should Tom be killed by the villains, he will come back as a fairy and gain Hansel’s powers.

    Miss Muffet- Spider Tamer. Miss Muffet can send out s small swarm of spiders to poison someone. The target be role blocked that day phase. Lynching will not affect the target. This can be done three times.

    Goldie Locks- Summoner. Goldie can choose to summon Baby Bear should the town evidence seem to lead to her lynch. Once summoned, he will protect her from lynching. This can only be done twice.

    Pinocchio- Lie Detector. He can pick a post and see if the person is lying or not. This can only be used once per day phase

    Jack- Harper. Using the harp he stole from the giant, he can lull a people to sleep, however, only one [random] townie and one villain will be put to sleep for that day phase. This can only be used once

    Piper- Lurer. He can play his flute to sway a persons suggestion. Once he picks a target, he will tell them who to suggest, writing up their evidence. He can do this three times.


    Big Bad Wolf- Head Wolf. Like Red, he has the final say in who the villains take out during the night phase

    Dr. Crooked- Manipulator. Being such a crooked man, he can choose to throw off Pinocchio by having all posts by one of the villians come up as ‘truthful’ per day phase.

    Rosie- Black Plague. Rosie can choose a target to affect. For the next day phase, the target can only post once per hour. Posting more than once will result in death.

    Posie- Ailment. Like Rosie, she can choose a target to affect, however she isn’t as strong as her sister. The target cannot exceed a total of 25 posts during the next day phase. If the target does, they will simply be blocked from posting the following day phase.

    Player List:
    1. RyuTama
    2. -Gazkul- Killed in night phase one, Red
    3. Aerophobia Lynched day phase 4, Tom Thumb
    4. Derrick left game, Posie [wolf]
    5. November
    6. DeathBlade/13.666
    7. Capricorn Lynched day phase one, Big Bad Wolf
    8. ZombieWolf2508 Lynched day phase 2, Rosie [wolf]
    9. DenjaX Killed in night phase two, Goldie [second governor]
    10. The Nana Ryu
    11. わたし Killed night phase 3, Hansel
    12. Daken
    13. .Sev
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