As the title says, I'm looking for a movie (I'm thinking OVA) I saw as a kid long, long ago. I'm sorry I can't give you much to work on in ways of plot or specific year as I didn't understand much about it back then but here goes:

It has, obviously, a protagonist, a guy (likely had black hair and donned either a blue-ish or red-ish space suit-kinda attire though not one of the bulky kind they use in, say, Planetes and real life), I think he was a part of a small crew who traveled space in a ship and... er, did something, battles, can't really remember. I do recall one of the crew members was a fat guy who (of course) was big on eating (and might've had a green-heavy outfit). If my memory serves me right (not sure it does), the crew consisted of three members (main guy, friend, and fatso, can't think of any female members). *sigh* It's so annoying I can't remember more but yeah, there it is: most likely 3 main characters, one of them fat, all guys (I think), going through space and doing some fighting. I'm thinking late 1980s but I don't think it can be newer than 1993. I have no recollection whether the characters spoke Japanese or English.

The movie was NOT Interstella 5555 though it had a similar, fairly western-friendly visual style.

Any help? If anyone knows any movies that match the description even a little bit, feel free to just jot down a list and I can check them all out, see if I can find my trip down memorylane. Thanks in advance!