Beginner Signature of the Week #15 Theme

Theme: Female anime characters
Pretty simple. Your sig has to have a girl anime character in it.

Entry Rules:

1) Your signature must be at least 380 by 80 pixels, and no larger than 500 by 250 pixels, the files must be saved as a PNG file. Verticals are now allowed! They must be at least 80 by 380 and no bigger than 250 by 500.

2) Entries are due on the date of Saturday, December 31th 2011.
3) All entries must have the text ĎAnimeGalleries.netí on them for.
4) By entering in this contest, you are allowing the right to use your signature for promotional reasons or otherwise.
5) You must tell me which show/place your signature is from in the PM you send me.