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So...i'm inactive one phase and this phase when I try to be active it's wrong? Should I have stayed inactive? Should I not ask questions? Or is it because I asked YOU questions and not anyone else just yet? It's the beginning of a day phase >.>
The fact is that it is inconsistent behavior. Supposedly you had gone back to read the thread multiple times, yet you have not presented any reads or suspicions to town. Except for one suspicion, and that was on me. It would be highly logical for mafia to use me as a scapegoat for suspicion, because not presenting reads and not being pro-active is a departure from my regular playstyle and would thus merit heavy suspicion. This is exactly what I wanted to see occur, and sure enough someone fell through. At the very least you need to be investigated.

As for the subject of my "excuses," Kaitou knows why I couldn't be active the first day phase, and it was more important that wolf. If the issue didn't come up I would have been active.
I was not questioning why you were inactive, but I hope the issue has been resolved for you.

I had asked BEFORE you explained why you couldn't say. I don't want you to reveal any roles now that I know why you couldn't explain.
I didn't need to give an explanation. In my first post, I stated that I could confirm animeyay as mafia. That automatically implies an ability of some sort was used. It should only be the logical conclusion that one could not prove or substantiate this claim without role-revealing or posting a PM, both of which are violations of the rules and would result in a modkill.
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Of course.

But all of you are jumping on him, I'd feel bad if I were to vote for him. Besides, with the entire (active) town jumping on the vote bandwagon, mine makes no difference anyway.

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*Town plus wolves
For this, you are probably the next viable candidate for lynching.

We are "jumping on him" because he is confirmed mafia. The entire objective of the game, from town's perspective, is to lynch mafia. Not doing so is highly suspicious behavior, regardless of the reason.

Your edit is also highly questionable. You had initially assumed it was all town that had joined the wagon, yet revised your post to incorporate wolves. How would you know either of these facts, and what need was there for revision?
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Psh, there is no rule that says I must stop talking.
I am still in the game, and I'm not silenced or anything, so don't tell me to stop talking.
What more do you think you could possibly do? Accuse the host of lying? Maybe claim that the lie detector was tampered with?

There is not a thing you can do to save yourself. No one should listen to your words further, because you are scum.