I wonder if sega could do Valkyria Chronicles 4. This game once again takes place in Gallia and Welkin and Alicia are the main characters. But this time, EW3 occurs, with the Atlantic Federation, Gallia, and an unlikely ally: The Eastern Empire, on one side versus the more powerful and technologically advanced Ameran Union and Kamuan Dominion. The Kamuan Dominion is led by Dictator Avitus, with his right hand man, Grand Comissar Herod. It is more powerful than the Ameran Union. On the map, each side is divided by colors: Gallians are blue, Atlantic Federations are White, Eastern Empire soldiers are black, Amerans are green, and Kamuans are red. There are new unit types, and there are names for elite classes: Scouts become Rangers; Shock Troopers becoms Assault Troopers; Lancers become Tank Hunters; Engineers become Technicians; Snipers become Sharpshooters; (Two new infantry units) Shield Guards become Sentinels, and Support Gunners become Heavy Gunners. New upgrades: Tank Hunters can charge their lance for increased range, accuracy, velocity, and damage but while charging, enemies can fire; Technicians can plant TNT on vehicles, which will explode on their side's next turn for devastating damage unless disarmed by an enemy Engineer/Technician; Sharpshooters can use armor-piercing rounds, which are effective against vehicles, especially engines; Sentinels can use moltov cocktails, which burn enemies in an area, Heavy Gunners can use sandbags/low walls to mount their LMGs for greatly increased accuracy. Engineers and Technicians, instead of using rifles, they use shotguns, which are poor at long range but excellent at close range since their spreading shots hit the same target. Shield Guards are equipped with bulletproof shields and magnums: Magnums have shorter range than rifles, but do somewhat more damage, shields are immune to shots and absorb impact from a grenade, although they cannot evade headshots, they can use their shield to cover their head. Support gunners are equipped with light machine guns, which are very powerful yet more accurate than submachine guns. New vehicles include Armored Cars and APCs. Armored cars are the weakest but fastest of the vehicles, usually armed with just a machine gun. The Lighting (on Gallia's side) is a modified armored car with a machine gun and mortar. The Armor Personnel Carrier has the armor of a medium tank, equipped with a machine gun and mortar, and ability to transport infantry.