Hey people, it's me, I haven't been around in a while, but I decided to come back a little to check it out. and I messed up, to my own sadness and amusement.

Alright, here's what happeneth.

#1: Get my first warning for saying a very light cuss word, fine, my own fault, and i shouldnt have. it was meant for a joke...
#2: my second warning for FULL CAPS, when we were singing... :/
#3: my third warning for playing russian roulette with a 9 win streak, then failing once, and warning!
#4: I wait it out for a bit, but it seems a few hours wasn't enough, get banned for 24 hours for playing russian roulette once more

from then on I did my best to not be a problem, I stayed around for 2 weeks, and then i went on a cruise in norway for 2 weeks. after that I kind of forgot about the forum, but now i'm back, yay!

but then,,,'

#5: just now, having forgot the rules, i went full caps, trying to say "OFF TO THE DINING TABLE!" and got my final warning, and being banned for-e-ver.

yeah. this chat is unforgiving... oh well, I guess it's kind of useless to stick around now, isn't it?

what i'm trying to say, is to all those who haven't failed yet, watch your steps. because the chat won't give you a second chance. it's evil like that. the bots suck.

Hah, that's all folks!