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Thread: Supernatural Forum rules - IMPORTANT! READ!

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    Default Supernatural Forum rules - IMPORTANT! READ!

    edit - just because I'm a nice guy, nobody need panic. I just reposted the rules under my proper account. everyone who's already read them can ignore this, those who haven't should continue reading. :3

    Since this forum doesn't have a rule thread already set up, I'm creating this so that everyone who checks and posts in the forum has posted guidelines and such.

    Either way, the rules aren't really that hard to understand and follow; if you've been around the forum long enough or taken the time to read the rules of other forums, just using your common sense when posting here should keep you out of trouble. But just in case anyone's unsure, I'm going to outline the rules for this forum. These rules also apply to all the subforums in the Supernatural Anime/Manga forum.

    It's important you guys read this; just because you don't read the rules doesn't mean you're exempt from them. Members that break the rules will receive punishment, the severity of which is at my discretion, ranging from anything from simply editing your post, to deleting, negative repping, informal warnings through Visitor Message or a formal warning via infraction.

    As I said, these rules are as simple as common sense, so it's not hard to read and follow them. ^_^

    1) No inappropriate language!

    AF is a PG-13 forum - that means that there are kids that post on here and read your threads. Besides that, not everybody appreciates colourful language, even if there's a lot of it in One Piece.

    This also includes intentionally censoring your words, such as using asterisks, intentionally misspelling or using any other method to 'censor-dodge'. You should just look at finding a less colourful way to express yourself, or simply not say it at all.

    2) No trolling, flaming, or baiting!

    I'm all for deep, meaningful and constructive discussion regarding your anime and manga, but I'm not for anyone who decides to initiate an argument, or provoke someone into starting one.

    Cursing and insulting someone isn't acceptable, and I won't tolerate it. Similarly trolling someone back is unacceptable. A well-thought opinion on a subject is perfectly fine, but coming into a thread and just outright insulting someone over their opinion without any mature logic isn't, and anyone who trolls, flames or baits another user into trolling or flaming will be punished appropriately.

    The smartest thing to do is to just ignore the post, and report it; provoking the troll will likely get you into as much trouble as they will. :/

    3) No spamming, double/triple posts, or one-word posts!

    Spamming is, for example, when you go into a thread discussing the best arc in Bleach, and telling everyone that you hate Ichigo because he's a red-head, or that you had toast for breakfast. It's pointless, meaningless, and brings nothing new or important to the topic in discussion. Similarly, replying to a post with something simple like "yes" or "he's cool" is spam. I go by the "Four Word Rule" - that is, if your post is less than 4 words, it's automatically classed as spam.

    Spam doesn't really bring anything to the topic, and you should try to avoid it. Try simply explaining your opinion when you post (for my example above, why you think the arc you like the most is the best). :]

    Double and triple posts also count as spam; there is an 'edit' button on your post, if you want to add something on to your post, edit it instead of posting a new post. However, I know it's possible that you may accidentally double/triple post due to internet lag; if that's the case I'll gladly merge or remove the unnecessary post for you. :]

    4) Search before you start a new thread!

    Please, please please please! Before you start a new thread, try searching the forum first to see if someone else has already started the topic you want to bring up. If you do find that a topic already exists but it's closed, tell me and I'll look into unlocking it.

    There's no point in starting a new thread about something that's already in discussion.

    5) No linking to other websites, illegal downloads or inappropriate material!

    This is a forum for discussing anime and manga, not advertising some website. If you really need to advertise a site, do it in your sig or in your blog (providing the site doesn't violate the site's global rules and policy.)

    This also includes links to illegal anime and manga (such as fansubs and scanlations). AF doesn't want anything to do with illegal sharing and torrenting of anime and manga; any such links will be removed and the member in question will receive punishment.

    Also ... no links to inappropriate content (fanart or hentai, as an example).

    Youtube videos and content appropriate to the discussion in-hand (such as maybe a screenshot) are allowed ... providing that it is appropriate to the discussion at hand, and not just an attempt to dodge this rule.

    6) SPOILERS!

    Okay, I don't read the One Piece manga, but I keep up to date with the anime, so a lot of what's happened in the manga hasn't translated across to the animated series yet. The last thing someone in my boat wants to see is a thread title or a post that blatantly spoils something that they have no idea about, because either they don't read the manga and only watch the anime, or because they're some way behind on the actual series itself and not up to date with the current happenings.

    The spoiler tag exists for a reason. If you want to discuss something that's recent (such as the most recently released chapter of a manga) then PLEASE PLEASE refrain from spoiling anything in the thread title, and use the spoiler tag [spoiler] [/spoiler] to hide the necessary information. If possible, add in the thread title something like *Spoiler* or something that points out that such content is being discussed.

    That way, people can't complain when something is spoiled for them, since it's their own fault for reading the thread and the spoiler itself.

    7) Sub-forums!

    This forum has dedicated forums for discussions on specific anime (such as Shaman King). So, if you want to start a topic regarding one of the specific animes, post it in the specific forum. That's what they're there for. ^_^

    If you're in doubt, ask me, I'm more than happy to help point you in the right direction. (This goes for spoilers and pretty much everything, really.)

    8) All other global rules apply!

    AF has site-wide rules, and you agreed to follow them when you registered on this site. As I said though, the rules are pretty much common-sense so you shouldn't have difficulty in following them.

    I'm a fairly easy-going guy, so don't worry if you're unsure or you post something that you didn't mean to. If you're in doubt, you can send me a visitor message or a private message or even just post here asking for help, and I'll try to help the best I can.

    But just because I'm easy-going doesn't mean I'm going to simply turn the other way when you break one of the rules. This thread is here for a reason :] it's not my fault if you didn't bother to read it properly.

    Also bear in mind that, whilst I've outlined the rules of this forum to the best of my ability, there may be things that I deem unnecessary or inappropriate, depending on situations that may arise. In such situations I will always take action that I deem appropriate.

    Just remember to use your common sense when making new posts or threads, and you should have no problems
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