Hi, I love his films, all are wonderful, it was always a most worhfully time watching them, but I was wondering, although his stories are fantastic, surrealistc, the relationships of his acting characters are based on everyday ones and I guess he wants to transport something, how to deal, to act with another.

I am not sure if someone could possibly say, that there are distinct villans in his films. If, than surely not in the way hollywood presents them.

I dont remember his name, but take for example the guy in princess mononoke, who at the end is running away with head of the forestgod in the chest, the older, stocky one. If I recall it correctly, he acts merely out of self-interest, he would sacrifice ,amy others just only for his benefit, in the end he can walk away with a peaceful, content smile and the protagonists dont mind.

Maybe it is my fault and I am too moralic or I Miyazakis judgement is too much hidden (under politeness?), so I cant understand it.

Whart do you think about this issue?

Is my perception wrong?

Or is it my classification?