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Thread: Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 8 'The Offer' Entire Chapter/Episode

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    Default Hourglass of Sairia Chapter 8 'The Offer' Entire Chapter/Episode

    COPYRIGHTę Do not steal it is mean!

    this is an entire post of chapter/episode 8! i've divided this one into parts so it will be easier to take breaks, hope you like it.... to understand the story and characters please go to my other threads before this one... Apologies for the MEGA long wait i will try my very best to keep this going!

    Chapter 8: The Offer Part 1/3
    “Okay so first things first”, Hiyatsuyoi began; you came to this world via an hourglass correct? He then waited for a response from Shou who was too busy trying to pry himself free of the ice.

    “And what if I did!? Why should I tell you?” Shou scoffed.

    Because I can help you get back to where you came from.” Hiyatsuyoi replied quickly

    Shou didn’t know what to say he didn’t know this person but maybe if he told him what he wanted to know he thought he could get himself and friends out of this mess he then decided to tell.

    “Yeah, yeah we did so what of it?” Shou muttered

    “That’s bad.” Hiyatsuyoi paused and made a face then said “That things cursed, it’s an evil thing that was stolen from my friend, my friend knows how to break the curse but he needs that hourglass, do you know who has it?”

    Shou was surprised “It’s cursed!?” he retorted

    “Yeah it is, you guys will be stuck here for a long time if my friend doesn’t get that hourglass back.” Hiyatsuyoi said slowly.

    “Well it was held by this creepy old gypsy lady with no eyes, she was at some sort of place with freak shows, and me and my friends got sucked in some bubble and…”

    “Whoa, Whoa slow down there buddy.” Hiyatsuyoi interrupted “did I just hear you say old lady?

    “Yeah you heard right, so uhh mind letting me go now I’m kinda frozen to a well.” Shou yelled quickly.

    “Sorry, but we’re not finished yet, where is that old woman you described?” Hiyatsuyoi questioned

    “I have no idea; after we got here she just poofed and left us here, oh and before you ask I don’t know where she’s gone either so don’t ask.”

    Hiyatsuyoi paused for a moment then appeared to have made up his mind.
    “Listen I think my friend would be interested in meeting you, after that we can find your friends and return you back to your world.”

    Shou didn’t know what to say, But he knew he had to find his friends so he decided to trust the stranger.

    “Sure I’d love to go with you, but as you can see I’m kind of stuck, mind helping me out here?” Shou said with a smirk

    “Oh of course, my apologies”

    Hiyatsuyoi smiled then threw something on the surface of the ice, it started to sizzle, and steam started coming out of the ice. Before he knew it Shou was free he began to exercise his fingers because they didn’t feel cold.

    “Alright we must hurry, my friend is quite a ways from here, follow me.” Hiyatsuyoi then jumped out of the tree and started walking down the road, with Shou following behind.

    Chapter 8: The Offer Part 2/3

    Akemi stopped at a small wooden bench, she was exhausted. It was dark now, the moon was a giant circle of light, and the search for Shou remained fruitless.

    “I just don’t see why we haven’t found him yet, we’ve searched everywhere!” Kasumi said with frustration.

    “Daidai won’t like this… I’m out waay past my curfew.” Sayuri breathed, she then sat next to Akemi, and started washing her face with the well water.

    “That’s weird” Sayuri remarked “This well water is quite warm, but it’s quite chilly tonight.”

    Takeo then put his hand in the water. “You’re right… strange, maybe Shou has been here.”

    “He’s been here alright.” Kasumi pointed “Look!” And there right in front of them was a half eaten apple.

    “Yeah but how do you know that was him?” Sayuri questioned

    “Well when I was with him he said he was hungry.” Kasumi replied. “There’s no doubt in my mind… that’s him, but what could’ve happened to him, and where could he have gone…”

    Just then Akemi made out an indent in the grass, she studied it, and it didn’t look very fresh.

    “Uhh guys I think I found something” Akemi shouted, “It might not be very helpful but it’s something.”

    Everyone gathered around the spot Akemi pointed to.
    “It looks like he went in the direction of that forest.” Takeo said

    Sayuri then let out a cheeky smile “It’s too dark for ‘us’ to chase him but that doesn’t mean something else can’t do it for us.” She then ran off laughing cheekily.

    “What’d she mean by that?” Kasumi said in a weirded out voice

    Chapter 8: The Offer Part 3/3

    “I’M BAACK! And look who I brought with me.” Sayuri shouted
    And there standing next to Sayuri was a brown furry ball about the size of a watermelon it had holes on the sides of it.

    “I’d like you to meet Patbaran!” Sayuri said energetically.

    “What the heck is that!?” Kasumi said clearly disgusted

    “It’s a Fruggleot!” Sayuri shouted “They’re like detectives! If you give them evidence or something they can sniff, they follow the target and make a clear trail to them, and they also do it discretely so it’s hard for the target to see them, we’ll find your friend in no time!” she then began to dance around. When she was finished she picked up the half eaten apple and rubbed it on the Fruggleot’s hole. Patbaran made some sniffing noises then did a little spin and rolled off, leaving a clear trail in its wake.

    “So are we going back to the tavern now Sayuri?” Takeo asked.

    “Yeah I’m sleepy, and we can fill Daidai in on the situation when we get back, then in the morning we can follow Patbarans trail and find Shou.”

    And with that the heroes started walking back to the tavern for a much deserved rest.
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