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A long time ago there existed a group called yiliaster, yiliaster was a evil group that seeked to destroy the world and recreate it. The leader of yiliaster was a man named zone, also known as Dark Yusei. Zone was later defeated by a man named Yusei Fudo. After He defeated him with his shooting quasar dragon, their was a large light, and yusei and zone dissappeared. No one knows what happened to them. However one thing is clear, Zone was defeated... Now we find our heroes in Neo domino city 4 years later. Jack Atlas still does his riding duels, Crow Hogan is still doing riding duels, ruka, rua and aki, have become prodigical pro duelist. Little did they know that team 5d's would one day be runited, as they recieved a mysterious letter.

With Aki

Miss Izayoi, a letter has just arrived for you, said the buttler. Thanks Hanz, Said Aki, Aki then took the letter, and noticed a special seal, that is among legendary. Its from the world champion himself. Aki then opens the letter, aki then scans the letter. Wow, I can't believe I am being invited to the world dueling tournament by the world champion himself. Yata!

Others react the same way, jack pretty much goes off on his king rant. So I am going to skip there reactions.

Unknown Location
A mysterious cloaked stranger walks through the middle of the street, a young fair long white haired beautiful Red Eyed woman approaches the cloaked strangers, and throws a card to him. Whats this! The stranger asks, a entrance to the world tournament, we are expecting you to join. The cloaked trainer then throws the card back and says, not interested, get lost! What a shame, especially since, your friends will be competing in this tournament, especially since we have info on the world once being in perill again, the shadow signers are coming, fudo yusei. The cloaked strangers then swears, frell, how did you know who I am, who are these shadow signers? The white haired girl then says, all will be revealed at the tournament, fudo yusei. Till we meet again, the white hair woman fases out of existence, and laughs evilly

chapter 2
Unknown Location at the tournament
So Everyone is here, I presume, hmmm, I wonder if they are here.... thought yusei fudo, still in his cloaked outfit.

Rua, who is walking towards ruka and aki. Well I am all registered. So basically all we got to do is find 7 locator cards, and we gain entrance to the finals right aki? Said Rua. Thats right Rua, of course we need to hurry up and find some locator cards and fast.Boom! What was that?

Q jack atlas battle theme

Red Demons dragon, Attack with absolute power force! The dragon sends a fist of fire towards the unknown duelist. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Jack: 4000 lp
Unknown duelist: 0 lp

Now then, hand over your locator cards. The unknown duelist hands over the locator card, then runs. Hmphh pathetic. Jack Atlas then takes the two locator cards and ads them to his collection. Crow then says to jack, I think you might have over done it a little. Jack then Shouts and says, a king shows no mercy, a king will never back down. Whatever. said crow. So, we meet again, jack, crow. Aki says walking over with rua and ruka. Whoa, no way, Aki, is that you? Crow says. You look Beautiful!! (Aki has grown more beautiful over the past years). Aki then thanks crow for the compliment. Aki then says, how are you doing jack. I am fine, why wouldn't I be. Well it kind of must be hard not having a challenge, now that Yusei isn't..... Oh right.. sorry. (everyone feels bad about yusei disappearing, its tabuu for yusei named to be spoken in front of them) Whoa, did you guys here. Some guy says to another guy. This mysterious guy with no name just owned 4 pro duelist, and got their locator cards. He has about 16 locator cards in one go. wow, who is this guy. The 4 duelist seeing as they are serious decides to check it out. Jack then approached the stranger, I challenge you to a duel. cloaked stranger turns around. grozit, its Jack! I can't let him see me! Yusei is then caught by aki who uses black rose to tie him up in thorns vines. Yusei, then calls upon, stardust dragon, he then says, yells stardust to take out black rose. he then rides upon stardust and sores in the sky. AKi then snatches crows dragon, and says, I can't let him get away, he might have leads to yusei. Come forth black feathered dragon. Aki then rides upon black feathered dragon. Yusei then throws a card, and a portal opens. Yusei goes through it and disappeares, with aki in hi tailed pursuit. Damn, thinks yusei. AKi then says, who are you, why do you have star dust. Yusei then says, thats none of your business. Fine I will just have to duel you. Yusei then says, then lets start this duel then, shadow game that is. Duel!

Yusei: 4000
Aki: 4000

My turn draw, I summon twilight rose night in attack mode, then summon lord poison. Then I use tune them together to Synchro summon, black rose dragon. Turn Endo.

My turn Draw. I activate tunning, then use it to bring junk synchron to my hand, then. I summon junk synchron in attack mode, next I activate Junk synchrons special effect, when it summoned, I get to bring back a level 2 a lower monster from my graveyard. I summon speed warrior. Next I tune them so summon Junk warrior. Next I activate doom armor. I combine it with junk warrior, this doubles the attack of junk warrior, 4600. Next I activate ryoku. Which will drain black rose dragons attack. 2400-1200= 1200. Next Junk warrior attack black rose dragon, trap card open. sorry but no trap cards can be opened when doom arnir has been activated, this includes spell, and monster effects. Boom. I activate doom armors special effect, you will receive damage equal to black rose dragons attack.

Yusei: 4000
Aki: 0
chapter 3

Chapter 3 With Aki

Ughhh What happened? Where am I? Thought Aki Frantically. She then had a flashback of what recently happened.insert fake story: Aki chases someone who they think is yusei to a unknown location, aki then gets socked from behind." Aki then realises where she is. I am in a bathroom with magazines all over me. said Aki. If yusei did this, he is going to pay when I find him...... She gets out the bathroom and proceeds to locate her friends.

With Everyone else except yusei

Hey, Aki is over there! Shouted Rua. Everyone ran over. Aki what happened, said Crow. Well To be honest, "insert story here"

Wow, so this guy may or may not be Yusei. Crow thought... it can't be Yusei, Yusei wouldn't use dirty tatics like harming a lady, said Ruka. Well whoever it is, we will find out soon, because this guy gained entrance to the finals. So thats what we are going to do. Shouted Jack! Hey, well if it isn't crow and the pro losers. Gary Sneered as he made that comment. Hey Aki, how it going, maybe you will do me the honors of going on a date with me if I beat this loser crow in a duel. Aki then said, I told you many times, I am not interested in going out with anyone. Crow then says, your just playing hard to get, don't worry I will fix that, as soon as I beat crow in a duel, what do you say, give me a chance. Crow then gets mad, and says, I accept your challenge. Yusei who is watching from afar gets angry. Why that no good little piece of grozit! Yusei says as he bends a piece of metal on the rails that he is holding unto. Okay lets just get this over with, I do have things to do, like going on a date with aki. Sneered Gary. Game on! Said Crow


Crow:4000 lp
Gary:4000 lp
My turn draw, I summon red eyes black chick in attack mode, then I summon the card red eyes black dragon, next I activate inferno fire blast, I deal 2400 points of direct damage. Arghhhhh then I end my turn.

My turn draw, I summon Black feather shipu not gail in attack mode, when this card is summond I get to summon an additional 4 or lower level monster, I summon black feather blast lance, in attack mode. Next I synchro summon to summon black feather clear armored wing, in attack mode.

2400 atk

next I place 3 cards face down.

Wow you really are pathetic aren't you.

Do you honestly, think I will fall for your tricks. I know why they call your crow the trickster.My turn draw. I activate heavy storm. declares gary. I destroy every face card and every hope you have of winning. Crow then shouts, just what I wanted. Gary says, what the!!!!!!!!! Gary watches in horror as every card on his side of the field is destroyed except black feather dragon armored wing. You see when you destroyed all my spell and trap cards, you activated their effects, the card you activated was trick trap which destroys all your cards on your side of the field for every trick trap card destroyed on my side of the field. fine, I place 2 cards face down. And end my turn. My turn draw, declares crow, I activate call of the haunted to bring back red eyes black dragon. Crow then says I activate pot of greed, which allows me to draw 2 cards. next I activate Double attack which allows me to cut the attack of my monster in half, in addition, my monster can now attack twice, next I activate trick or treat, when this card is activated, when my monsters attacked are decreased, I increase it by the same amount, in other words. Since my double attack usually decreases my attack, instead, it doubles. my monster attack by 1200.

Next I attack your red eyes black dragon. Boom
Gary Screams as his life points drop

Next I attack you directly, you fool, trap card open. huh! Actually your the fool, when I activated trick or treat, all your face downs are jammed for 3 turns.

Shouts Gary as his life points drop to 0. Gary says, how could this happen, I just entered the competition. I lost everything, I lost the babes, and everything, sobs......... Thanks crow, at least somethings haven't changed, says Yusei to himself.
End of chapter 3
chapter 4