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Wolves will try to get rid of a townie by lynching to make their game easier, that's a simple fact and a good strategy.

Observations? I mean what's to observe and discuss from the very little I done? You're obviously a wolf following my above theory and trying to make up something that would show no evidence of and hard to analyze, and honestly, smart move there. But with that said, I change my vote to The Rebel.

If you were truly a townie, would of at least try to contact me to at least to "interrogate" me and see if I gave in or gave wolf scent but you just voted for me right off that bat and adding a half-assed excuse. What I find more hilarious is that you added the "I will avenge Dark_butterfly" to make people go "Aww. he's a townie".

So once again, The Rebel.
And thus, I change my vote to The Rebel. Unless he wants to pm me and prove me otherwise o_O