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Thread: Wolf V9: Pokemon Version

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    Default Wolf V9: Pokemon Version

    Props to smile1010 for most of the writing (basically I took her version and used it as a base for mine).

    How to sign up: Just say you’d like to join or something along those lines and you’ll be added onto the list of players.

    How to play: The game is simple enough. During the Day Phase, players vote for who they suspect to be a Wolf (the "bad guys"; players hiding amongst the others). The person with the most votes gets driven out of the daycare, their role being revealed, before Night Phase begins.
    During the Night Phase, wolves decide which player they'd like to kidnap, while Town players with special roles (more on that later) perform their own actions.

    How to win:

    Town: Drive all the wolves out of the daycare.

    Wolves: Bring number of Town members to the same number as that of the wolves.

    Day Phase: During this day time phase all the players my vote on who they suspect to be the Wolf. Be careful; wolves can vote as well, attempting to sway the votes their way.

    Night Phase: Each Night Phase is when players with night actions can perform their actions.

    Note: Each phase will be 24 hours long. Each phase start at 9pm Central time.
    May be a few minutes/hours late. Don’t hate me. All actions in the time after 9pm will not be counted for the previous phase.

    Every player receives a role. The roles are as following.

    Doctor: The doctor is represented by Chansey. Each night phase the Doctor is to PM me with one name of a player he or she wishes to save.

    Seer: This player is represented by Mewtwo. This role has the ability to uncover one other player each night phase and see what role he is playing. If killed during the night phase, Mewtwo will join the dark side as a wolf (He will lose the ability the seer has, though). As a wolf, Mewtwo can be either driven out of the daycare or taken out by Mew during the night phase (more info later).

    Mayor: This player is represented by Dragonite. This character is the advantage of having his vote count for two and breaking ties. (Should his vote be cast upon one of the tied players)

    Sleep Master: This character is Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is able to sing and keep one player asleep for the rest of the game. And will proceed to draw silly faces on them.
    Jigglypuff does not count towards the townie or wolf numbers but will be counted during the day phase as a player.

    Alpha Wolf: Characterized by Meowth. During the night phase, the Alpha wolf is able to break ties between the wolves.

    Wolves: Every night, these characters will consult with each other privately on who they would like to kidnap from the daycare.
    The number of wolves there are will depend on the number of players.

    Townie: Townies are characters with no special ability. They will vote like everybody else during the day phase for who they think is a Wolf.

    -Special Role: Mew. If Mewtwo is kidnapped and becomes a wolf, Mew will have the chance each night phase after to go after Mewtwo to attack him. Mew will have a 40% chance of succeeding and 60% chance of failure. If failed, nothing will happen. If successful, Mewtwo will be removed from the game and leave the daycare.
    If Mewtwo does not become a wolf, Mew will simply be a townie.


    - All votes must be in bold. They will not be counted otherwise.

    - You must vote once per day. Anyone caught not voting on either consecutive Day Phases or three days total will be inactive-killed. Remember, posting does not constitute a vote. (Unless your vote is bolded.)

    -If you have already voted and wish to change your vote, there is still time during that same Day Phase. To do so recast your vote once more by bolding the name of the new player.

    - Please don’t post after you have died until after the game is over.

    - Once Day Phase has ended you may no longer post anything in the thread.

    - Do not post in this thread if you are not involved with the game or if you are not a Mod.

    - Role-claim (the "art" of telling people, in PMs or in-thread, that you have a specific role) at your own risk.
    (NOTE: Sharing the actual pms is not permitted. If I find that you have, you will be banned. Also, no showing anything else (msn, text, etc) that would give away your character role that was initially said by me. It's basically like sharing your pm).

    -Talking in the thread is highly encouraged; just no flaming.

    -Let’s keep it PG.

    NOTE: A challenge to the players: Don’t role-claim unless you absolutely need to (As in, don’t say you are such-and-such as your character role).
    However, there will be no penalty for role-claiming. I’ll just think less of you. ;D
    Oh. And communicate with each other or fail miserably.

    Player List:
    1. Scruffy
    4. MaruDashi
    7. Daken
    15. maverickgirl

    Furore: Alpha Wolf/Meowth- taken out first day phase
    dark_butterfly: Townie/Mew- kidnapped by wolves first night
    Shinichi: Townie/Pidgey- driven out second day phase
    -霊-: Townie/Bulbasaur- Driven out Third Day phase
    .Sev: Sleep Master/Jigglypuff- Inactive Killed
    -Gazkul-: Townie/Pikachu: Kidnapped by wolves second night
    Elphaba: Doctor/Chansey: Kidnapped Third wolf night
    animeyay: Wolf/Raticate- Driven out Fourth Day Phase
    Aleyna: Seer/Mewtwo- Driven out fifth day phase
    Air-Jumper: Wolf/Koffing- Driven out 6th Day phase
    Zoi Yex: Kidnapped fifth night phase
    The Rebel: Kidnapped 4th Night Phase
    Twelfth Levitation: Driven out 7th day phase
    Screwby: Kidnapped 6th night phase: Mayor/Dragonite
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