This week's BOTM theme was sponsored by Peace, Love and Happiness.

This week, its 1st vs last, 2nd vs second to last, etc. K, lets get this show on the road.

Battle 1: Avril4E versus Serated

Avril does what any pony should do; shine with extra special wonderful magic! But why is it coming from the pony's ear? We get the feeling that the 'magic' is coming from the wrong place. The color is a very strong choice, but all over the tag it is about the same level of saturation so our little pony doesnt stand out much. What does stand out is the white vector effects and rays; the principle of a lighter color on a darker color makes the light color pop more.

Serated's entry is a nice, simple design that tells a little story. Our little pony is about something probably not very nice to the little bug. The typography stands out way too much though, and diverts too much from the focus. It would have probably worked better if the colors of it were played with a little more. Which is the main flaw given that the tag is so simple; the color. Differentiating the clouds from the implied sky is a bit difficult.

Overall, we give victory to Serated. Both entries tell a nice little story, but its the colors and the simplicity that really won it out.

Battle 2: Daken versus Grimmjow

Look! Daken did a pony tag! Never would have seen that coming. A nice use of flow and color, little sparkles everywhere does make this one feel magical. But its VERY dark with no lighting source and no balance. The text is very stand alone and blunt given the 'magical' theme that was attempted here. We cannot help but wonder if the text was just slammed in there to meet the requirements of the competition.

AG's tag is far more magical. Its bright, and even uses the logo of the show. It does have Grim's style as well, the usage of the flowy, stary looking effect images. But, the could be some contrast, and the tag is quite busy. The text is all spread out. But our most obvious flaw to it is the fact that this is not the right My Little Pony show....

As much as we hate to do this, we are giving victory to Daken. Grim's tag is superior to Daken's, but Grim's entry did not follow the theme; which was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Battle 3: BlueAngel versus MaruDashi

Blue's entry is interesting as always, presenting character's in action contrary to the other entries where the focus is in what appear to be stationary positions. But where do we begin? The about 20 textures that completely fill the background and smother it? The obvious Photoshop brushes with the outer glow sitting the front of the characters acting as blending? Or the typography with no sense of hierarchy (again)? Its just a very busy tag, and needs serious editing.

Maru's entry knows what's its after, and how to do it. I mean, the character is name 'Rainbow Dash,' so there's a lot you could do. The colors are very strong, and do compliment the stock choice, and this is repeated in the text. The tag is off balance though. The focus is off to the right, and the text takes center stage with some MISC photoshop brushes in the bottom right that doesnt really belong there.

In the end, we are choosing Maru's entry. Composition-wise, its just far better put together and has a sense of color coordination and use of flow.

Odd-Man Out: Zenister

And so end round 1. Congratulations to all who entered! See the list below for those going on to round 2.