Battle of the Month May Phase 1 Theme

Theme: Text Preset

Here we go again with this. I decided it more prudent to make this on Saturdays instead of Wednesdays because the SOTW is the same day… and its less labor intensive, and yada. Anyway, you should know about this theme already. I give you a word or phrase, you make a signature that has the word in it somewhere, and the rest is up to you.

The word is… BACKWARD. So be creative about it.


1) The signature must not be larger than "500x250" and no smaller than “350x80”. Any signature over the limit in either direction will be disqualified.
2) Animation may be used provided its size does not exceed 1MB
3) Check with Serated if you are unsure about "appropriate content" for this contest (E.G. no ‘H’ based images or anything too ecchi)
4) All entries MUST be in by 19:00 GMT (non-adjusted) Saturday, May 7th, 2011.
5) All entries MUST be have “” on your entry signature. Entries that do not have this will NOT be part of the competition unless edited.
6) By entering, you are giving ‘’ irrevocable right to use your entry through site promotion and so on (Artists will still be credited).


1) This topic will be acting as the receiving point and voting for the BOTM. All participants will post their entries here; this contest is NOT anonymous. All comments, concerns, questions, etc, shall be directed to Serated in the form of personal message.

2) Your entry must abide by the above rules, and must be made by you. It may not be used in any other contests on this forum, however, you may post it anywhere else you like during the waiting period. The entry must be made by you.

3) The process by how the entries are randomized will occur in one of 3 manors. 1, the first entry posted, will be pitted against the last entry posted. 2, the first entry posted, and the middle entry posted will be pitted against each other. 3, entries will be pitted against each other sequentially (Ie. The 1st and 3rd, the 2nd and 4th entries).

Due date is Wednesday, May 7th, 2011.

Participant List (12/16):

Arrancar Grimmjow
Xey Oiz