Pokemon (to me) has always been one of my favorite anime and it's series of games has always been on the top of my list for gaming. All this talk about the 3DS and Pokemon Black/White has brought back an old problem I always had with Pokemon.


To be more specific I want an ADVENTURE Pokemon game for my Wii. The days of Pokemon handheld gaming brings joy to me. I loved the thrill of the adventure, not knowing who you may encounter, or better yet what Pokemon you might see. I love the thrill of knowing that if my Charizard can't beat this Hitmonchan I'm battling then I will be redirected to the closest Pokemon Center for treatment and have to make the journey back to wherever I was. I want to fight the Elite Four on my TV with my console.

Pokemon Stadium wont "do" for me because it's not adventure, everyone picks level 100 Pokemon and we see who can get the luckiest. Colosseum was almost as bad. The thing that I hate the most here is there's no surprises. I enjoy a random encounter, I WANT to be able to catch/train my own pokemon without "snagging" them. Gale of Darkness is also the same route it seems....

I often think of the many ideas that Nintendo could have if they made a Pokemon game for a console that was an adventure one. I think it would be cool to have players get online, all start off from the same spot in a town and race to catch/train/compete against the game and each other. An online game like this would keep me occupied for, well, forever :P ..I would love to be able to train my pokemon to complete against real trainers online in a tournament like the Indigo Plateau.

I know this is all up to Nintendo and they would rather make remakes like Madden with an updated roster and a few new things to toy with, than go through the works of creating a true console Pokemon game, why would they? They still make bank on the handheld market...

Anyway this is all ranting and wishful thinking, but I still wish..