Here we are, at the beginning of the end. Its worth noting that I did let this sit for an extra day to let the people who didnt enter a little chance, but, such is life.

Eliminated for lack of entry are Ardelia, Tattster, Xey Oiz, and Kazenokaze.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I intentionally choose those stocks because of what they looked like. These themes are to challenge you, and they clearly are. This week, its 1st vs last, 2nd vs second to last, so....

Round 1 Battle: Zenister vs AnnieHall

Zenister has a nice composition with color, and style. A nice merging of smudging with some vector shapes. It does have some quirks, like the fact she use a soft brush to erase the pieces of the stock she didnt like that we can still see in about the dead center (look, a hidden face!).

Annie's is more straight forward, saturated pink color with plenty of frilly brushes. But that's about it. The text is great, having a nice set up, but more could have been done with the flow and the color instead of one solid shade of pink overwhelming the stock.

Overall, we hand the victory to Zenister. It has its issues, but more though of the composition has been considered, especially given the use of multiple styles.

Round 2 Battle: Hyphen vs Kaitou

Hyphen's entry is certainly an interesting one to look at. It has a lot going for it, which might also be its problem. It needs some refinement in terms of the source images used to compose it, especially if you look in the top left. The text isnt very well considered either and literally disappears in the background.

Kaitou's entry remind us a lot of Annie's, its straight forward, composed mostly of a solid color, and some brush work to compose its flow and blending. Overall, the signature has a nice sense of completeness about it, but more could be done to improve the blending and flow.

A very interesting pairing, a signautre more composed, or less composed? Simple, or extreme? In the end, victory goes to Hyphen; the signautre is overall filled with style and the space is better used.

Round 3 Battle: Daken vs MaruDashi

Daken's signature heads in a good direction, but needs refining. The use of source images like the flower contribute very well to the composition. The balance, however is lost of the right side with the very distracting clutter of text.

Maru's entry is more composed. The text, the composition, and even the stock choice are strange, which makes it interesting to look at. The lighting could be toned down, and a better use of color could do wonders for it.

Overall, MaruDashi wins based upon refinement. Between the two entries, her's feels more complete and can stand with or without the criticisms it has.

Round 4 Battle: Arrancar Grimmjow

The odd man out, and moves on to the next round automatically for lack of competition.

So, congratulations to our winners, and to all to entered! You at least beat the ones who didnt enter at all, which is still worth all your efforts.

Participants moving on to the next round:

Arrancar Grimmjow