Sorry for the delay ladies and gents. But one person decided not to enter, so I gave him a little more time and in the grand scheme of things didnt enter at all. So I can play at that, and Tattster has been eliminated for lack of entry. Terrible way to lose.

Anyway, this week, entries will be paired based upon adding 3 to them. So for example, entry 1 vs entry 4, entry 2 vs entry 5, etc.

Session 1: Zenister vs Kazenokaze

Zenister's entry is what I would expect to be used, a Pokemon with very electrifying history. Using C4Ds and a triadic color scheme based upon the orange, green, purple gradient, a nice sense of depth is established as well as an internal sense of focus. What it lacks is an effective use of lighting and typography. The lighting is very very strong, with very little transitional area. The typography lacks hierarchy, in that it isnt well varied.

Kazen's entry is very focus oriented. The strongest colors, and sharpest areas are on the stock, and certainly helps pull out Misaka (the girl) as the thing to look at. However, this where it lacks, no other particular area has an effect going to it, and the motion blur distorts the overall feel of the tag from a very direct, in your face thing to something left and right oriented.

Overall, we are handing the victory over to Zenister. The design is better thought out, and the effects are better used.

Session 2: Oizuyex vs Balance

Oiz's entry is another Pokemon (I dont know the name), and I can clearly tell its not one I would want to get zapped by. Right off the bat, I like the color choice. Although lacking superior value, the choice of yellow and a purplish color does bring this one out. However, the overall entry lacks depth and feels like all on one single plane. No specific area is emphasized over another to make it stand out.

Balance's Entry has a strange on it, in that its focus isnt an actual image so much as it is a circular object, a very different take. The typography and choice of high value colors is really something we havent seen in other entries. However, what the entry lacks is a sense of uniqueness. I have, and even know specifically every C4D used in the entry and sense a lack of creativity with how they are used. Also, the text isnt correct in that the theme was 'Shock Therapy' and not 'Shocking.'

In the end, we are giving Oizuyex the victory. A tough choice, but given the nature of how well customized the entry is based upon all of the qualities of what they could do.

Session 3: MaruDashi vs Tattster

Because of Tattster's lack of entry, Maru wins by default.

So, congratulations to all winners, below is the list of those who will move on to the FINAL ROUND.

Participant list: