so what is it about romance u enjoy? is it truly down to a nice love story were they live happy ever after? well it might be for some people but for them who enjoy somthing more what is it?
personaly i never relised romance is probberly one the most watched genre of anime i have. so i thought what do i love most abot them. now some people might like romance & (*****) a mixed genre in other words, so romance comedy stand well out, but romance drama wot ever, anything which maybe even if its minor might make you happy

so what i wondered is, okie so romance oviiously are likely to be somthing you enjoy (viewing this part of the forum anyway) but whats your thing for them to do with? do you enjoy just the passion and romance or do you enjoy getting the guy/girl sorta plot or is it the build up from relationships (from enemy > lover or from friend > wife sorta thing). sorry it sounds like i repeated myself in another way (half 3 in the morning atm sorry lol)

for me i will show u wot i mean with my love for them:

i love romance, comonly mixed with another genre, but my favorite thing about them is the thing i hate about them... them tradgerdy... them tragic ends and sorrowfull storie lines, which even if our main person gets his girl it still leaves another girl broken hearted. but this is my favorite thing, i dont know why but im addicted to them, when watching through its so sad and heart breaking to see but i yern to see more of it (not to sound weird lol) just to see how it plays out, who gets who and so forth. i also enjoy the thought in them, with animes like kanon yuichie has pretty much all the girls for him but wen watching through if u ignore the characters exits u dunno which he truly loves, so many plots unfold. but another thing, i like how it leaves stuff open, as said somtimes one love for 2 characters leaves another hurt, although it doesnt in the show it does in the mind of the viewer, in clannad (my fav :P) okasaki oviously gets nagisa but in the first season (not after story) most girls grow rather attracted to him in there own way, but in the end wen they relise he likes nagisa it makes kyou and ryou cry whilst dropping a sad face on tomoyo, now okie some think nothing of this, but me i think well like ryou really liked him, shes been knocked bk now, if u played the visual novel u relise kyou has loved him from 2nd year (a whole year ago) so its gotta make her hurt (in anime she still gets a thing for him) and so forth, point being the thought it gives us 2.
there my main reasons, im a big fan of stories involving the guy/girl (main character) being in a situation with lots of other girls/guys for romance i enjoy the happy but sad ends. (dispite they make me really sad... yes im sad enough to be upset on a very common basis by em lol)

anyways theres my reason why i enjoy romance. its nice mixed with a good story, a romance alone aint to strong for me but its not hard to bring it round with almost any other genre
so thinking now, what is it you love about romance animes? from Fruits Baskets > Clannad what ever u seen, dont need ot be primary romance just thoughts.

sorry for any mistakes, as said its very late/early... 03:45am now xD i spent time here lol
hope u enjoy discussion