Inspired by .Baka's 'Stoopid' thread.

So, what are some funny/stupid/plain embarrassing things.. that you've witnessed?

For me, it was probably when my mother and I were eating noodles in a shop for lunch, and there was a couple arguing behind us. Then all of a sudden, the girl of the couple just stood up and yelled, "That's it! I'm breaking up with you!" and stormed out the door leaving her food behind. The guy went "Wait! Ah, f*** you, woman!", whacked the table, and fumed for about 10 minutes.. then he did what seemed like calling a friend to sit with him at the restaurant. I almost choked in my food trying not to laugh.. while my mother was just like "My god. What a noisy couple." under her breath in Chinese.

Yeah, maybe it was a bit cruel of me to want to laugh, but well, it was pretty damn funny if you were actually there and witnessed it.