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Thread: Please help me find this anime

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    Default Please help me find this anime

    I've been searching every site I can think of and can't find this anime! Can anyone help?

    This is what I remember about it (the summary paragraph is from memory and may not be entirely accurate because it's been a few years):

    "A young women astronaut is about to go on her first flight but something goes wrong and she crash lands back on earth but somehow shes some time into the future, where humans are hunted and killed by machines that she later finds out are controlled by her son/husband, who is acting on her dying wish."

    Some other possibly important points:
    • Her friend dies (possibly a funeral near the beginning)
    • She's been kept alive by a machine in the past
    • Possibly some mention of the sky being bluer/more beautiful in the past
    Sorry if this is really vague, I've been searching various sites for a while and haven't found anything.


    Edit: Someone found it! For anyone interested the anime is: A.Li.Ce
    Last edited by kettleofchips; 02-19-2011 at 09:29 AM. Reason: Someone found it

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