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Thread: [FANFICTION] Anime Fables

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    Post [FANFICTION] Anime Fables

    Most of us heard fables like "The boy who cried wolf" or "The hare and the torquise" right? Well, in my own view I wrote couple of anime fables. The story's are made up, but the charactars are from the anime so yea!

    Anime fable one---> Azumanga.


    "Say Chiyo-chan," Miss Yukari said after school. "I know you really aced your test, do you mind if you help me grade these papers."
    "Sure Miss Yukari." Chiyo-chan said.
    Miss Yukari walked over to her desk and dumped the pile of ungraded papers in Chiyo-chan's hand.
    "S-so heavy!." Chiyo-chan wined as she walked away.
    ....Later that night
    "U-uh let's see," Chiyo-chan said as she graded the papers. "U-um number six and eight are wrong....."
    "...N-no, I got six right and this one is right too."
    "A-ah, w-wait! it's number eighteen...ohh this is diffucult."

    (Later around 12am)
    "Number.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z"
    Chiyo-chan falled asleep, grading papers.
    ....The next day.
    "M-miss Yukari, I am sorry!," Chiyo cried out. "I did my best but---"
    "Oooh Chiyo-chan, you screwed us all!." Miss Yukari said.
    Chiyo-chan's eye began to get teary. "I-I did my--"
    "Ahaha, don't you worry," Miss Yukari bursted out laughing. "I was only kidding!"
    "......" Chiyo-chan stared at Miss Yukari without blinking.

    What do you think it is?

    Anime fable #2 Xxxholic

    "Let's see," said the women as she strolled down the street. "Tomorrow is my birthday and I expect my boyfriend to get me something amazing!." As the women rambled about her wants, she suddenly stumbled upon a strange building. "This boyfriend has enough money buy it?." The women beammed as she approached the house. Only, when the women approached to the entrance it blocked her. The women tried to get pass it but a invisable force dismissed her visit. As the women kept trying, the door opened and a figure appeared.

    "O-oh excuse me!" The women waved. "Is this house for sale perhaps?."
    Yuko, who approached the women was not surprised by her first words. She did however, expected her to greet her with some manners.
    "No," Yuko replied flatly. "this is my house and I do not expect to sell it anytime soon."
    "If it's expensive, I-I'm willing to purchase it still!." The women pleaded as if she heard a price announced in the first place.
    "Like I said, no." Yuko said calmly.
    "H-how about that adorable stuff animal then?." The women continued to plead as she pulled out her wallet filled with credits and little cash. She kept pointing at Mokona. Who was sitting still on the left side of Yuko's shoulder.
    "No." Yuko replied once again.
    "N-name your price, I'll pay up!." The women pleaded despartly.
    "All you do is ask and ask and ask!," Yuko said getting impaitent with the women's questions. "have you ever thought your nothing but a greedy person?!."
    Shocked by the Yuko's words, the women lowered her head and putted her wallet back in her purse.
    "I-I well..." the women began. "It's hard to not---."
    "Of course," Yuko expected as she cutted her off. "life is full of wants and desires to obtain. There are infinite amount of want's in a person's lifetime."
    The women was silent.
    "Once you get something your way, you expect it to be your way," Yuko continued on staring at the women. "I see you got something your way and now you think it's okay to have and have? You lack to understand that life doesn't alway go as according to plan. If life was that way, there would be no moral but that one moral."
    "T-that moral?." was all the women could say.
    "That moral," Yuko said. "would say: Life went as you expected and wanted. You never would have to be hopeless and alway expect it to be that way. Only when a downfall comes before your eye, you would never be able to pull yourself together. In results, you would loose it and because you don't learn more than just greed nothing will be repaired."
    "I-I never thought...," The women began. "if my life was that way, it could possibly turn out that way."
    Yuko began to smile, she saw that the women began to realize her greed.
    "Ma'dam," The women spoke politly for the first time. "I am sorry I was a greedy person, and thus I wish to turn things around."

    Yuko looked straight into her eyes to see if she was bluffing. She wasn't. "Then it looks like you can continue to improve this," Yuko smiled as she walked away. "alone, with your strong will."

    The women smiled. She acciedently dropped her purse by the entrance. She walked over to pick it up. When she left the home of Yuko, she realized the invisable force that prevented her from entering was no longer there. She did realized her mistake...before anything bad happened.

    What do you think it is?

    I'll write more fables later :3
    Tell me what you think of these two so far!
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