Something I wrote for someone today ^^ kind of slow and plain...but I like it ^^

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Valentine's Day

I close my eyes as the gentle breeze blows through my hair, feeling warmth from the one beside me, I can forget about the cold and everything else for that matter. "Hey Kira, let's go somewhere today." Pino asks suddenly. I hesitate, "Where would we go?" Smiling while answering, he says "Let's just have fun while you're here." At that, he takes my hand and we walk up a path back to his place as he takes in the wonderment on my face to his proposal. Looking down, I ask "So Pino, you say we can have fun?" He nods his head at me. "My time with you is always fun, no matter what we're doing or where we are at." I state while smiling at him and embracing warmly before walking on.

When we make it to his place, we leave soon after in a car to our destination. Sitting down, he places his hand on mine, "Where to, miss?" smiling jokingly at his choice of word, he intertwines his fingers in mine. "Wherever you think is good." responding quietly, I remain still in the seat. As we take off, for some reason I cannot look away from him. Lost in thoughts and day dreams, I hear "Hey Kira?" After a chuckle from Pino. Snapping out of the mini stupor I was engrossed in, my face grows red from embarrassment. "I'm sorry about that." I say quietly. Pino quickly kisses my lips which further the reddening and the warm sensation that has spread. We step out of the car and I notice we have arrived at a movie theater. Picking out a room to enter for the movie, we sit silently until the previews start. Pino places his hand on my cheek and kisses my lips sweetly. I can hear my ears start to pulsate, it felt so wonderful; his lips on mine, so lovingly and soft. I kiss back, my breathing slow and unsteady. The film starts but it feels as though I'm in a completely differently world, being brought back occasionally when Pino presses on my hand. Each time, I smile at him sheepishly and then revert my eyes back to the movie.

In the darkness of the theater, not many noises are made as most of the eyes are affixed on the screen. It ends without my knowing and Pino tugs on my hand and smiles at me, "Seems like your mind is elsewhere, Kira." I put my head down a bit when this is said but I quickly get a soft laugh from him, "I wasn't able to concentrate much either. But it was nice with you beside me." I smile lightly as we walk back to the car.

Sitting in silence for a few minutes, I hear his voice softly come into my ears, "Where next? Are you hungry at all?" "A little bit." I reply while smiling slightly. "Alright then, lets go." We move passed many buildings as the car advances on the road, we soon come to a nice looking restaurant and step inside. "It's quiet and calm in here, don't you think?" I ask in fascination. "It feels nice with you." saying this as a slight blush appears on my face. We get seated and order, talking to each other quietly the whole time. On our way out, Pino suddenly turns around to face me, bringing me into a deep kiss. Unexpected as it was, I remained silent, a little shocked and a glowing red face. Hiding my hand for a moment, he smiles at my reaction. In the car while heading back, the sky is darkening, I turn to Pino, "Thank you for today, I really enjoyed it with you." "I enjoy any time with you, I want to spend as much of it as we can together." His gaze affixed on the road as he spoke with a small smile spread on his face. Back at his place, we sit on his bed, kissing each other tenderly "I love you Kira, Happy Valentine's Day." Smiling warmly, I reply, "I love you too Pino, very much. Happy Valentine's Day." The rest of the night was spent cuddling together, with sweet feelings in the air.